How do behavioral factors influence SEO

People are not always rational – they make many decisions under the influence of impulses and external stimuli. For this reason, it is impossible to reduce human behavior solely to mathematical equations or logical sets.

Therefore, relying solely on search engine ranking factors for optimization and positioning may not be sufficient. Technical SEO is just the tip of the iceberg – if you want to be successful, you first need to understand who your customers are and what they need.

It’s about audience behavior and how well the website adapts to their needs. It is impossible to create a list of behavioral factors because they depend primarily on the industry.

Dwell Time Time Spent on the Website

Therefore, keywords, content and link profiles change. Nevertheless, we can distinguish several elements that are worth paying special attention to when positioning.

Dwell time, i.e. time spent on the website
This is the time that passes from clicking a link to a given page to Whatsapp Number List returning to the search results list. It has not been confirmed whether this value is a direct ranking factor, but as we know – only Google knows their full list. It is certainly worth taking into account because it consists of:

This is about recipients or customers who, satisfied with their first visit to the website, return to it in search of new content. This data can be verified using the Google Search Console and Google Analytics panels.

Repeatability of Inputs This is About Recipients

Thanks to them, you can find out how many regular users there are, which is especially important for e-commerce website owners planning a remarketing strategy.

On-site factors
It’s primarily about proper navigation, content quality and website Phone Number layout, but the website’s responsiveness for mobile devices and its loading speed are also important. Each of these technical elements directly affects User Experience, where the goal is to maximize users’ positive experience when using the website.

However, avoid formulaic solutions and sporadic activities in this area. Try to maintain specific, constant time intervals when posting links, because this largely affects the website indexing process.

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