Scotland ignores the Brexit farce and opens its heart to Europe in this campaign

Scotland , pro-European at heart, would like to remain linked to the European Union (EU). However, as part of the United Kingdom. Scotland ignores when Brexit is consumed (if there really is a “white smoke” one day in the British Parliament), Scotland will also be separated from the EU. In the spot that constitutes the central axis of the campaign, a man declares his love for Europe in a strong Scottish accent from a bucolic coastal landscape. The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has announced that former CEO and founder of Cambridge Analytica.

Our beautiful country

In the depths of our hearts is open to all of you ,” declaims the protagonist. “Our arms are open, our thoughts are open,” he adds. If you do Vietnam Phone Number Data not see the embedded video correctly, click here The campaign slogan. “Scotland is open, #Scotlandisnow”. Inevitably seen in the mirror of the anti-Brexit slogan “London is open” with which the “City” advocates for the openness and diversity of the British. On the website , which also serves as the driving vehicle for the campaign. , Alexander Nix, will participate in the event this year.

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Scotland breaks a spear scotland ignores

for a plural Europe with which it refuses to break ties no matter how much Brexit requires it. Behind the campaign. Therefore, with a marked 2.0 accent, are different Saudi-Arabia Phone Number List organizations and government authorities such as VisitScotland, Scottish Enterprise. Scottish Development International, Talent Scotland. Study in Scotland and the Scottish executive itself. In the referendum held in June 2016. Scots voted in favor of continuing under the protection of the EU.  Wunderman Seattle Creative Director Anthony Reeves; Unilever’s chief digital transformation officer, Susan Ren, and Professor Steven Pinker, from Harvard University.

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