The Sevillian gym Hammer Fitness, winner of the Worst (and most sexist) Ad of the Year

The Sevillian nearly 10,000 users have participated in the 10th edition of the Worst (and most sexist) Ad of the Year award. An award that FACUA-Consumers in Action has organized since 2010. Members and supporters of FACUA-Consumers in Action. The Sevillian gym Hammer Fitness has been the winner for a poster in which it showed a woman training in her underwear to promote a class, reducing them to a mere object to attract the attention of potential clients. 33.5 % of the 9,593 participants in the votes have opted for the Hammer Fitness advertisement.

Nominated campaigns

Along with him were for the pseudo-sexual stimulant Forte Love, which came in second place with 29% of the votes, Nestlé ice cream and another gym, Basic-Fit. In addition to Malaysia WhatsApp Number Data objectifying women by presenting them as a sexual attraction, Hammer Fitness’ advertising also offered a series of invitations to members to bring “a friend.” After being denounced last year by FACUA Sevilla for attacking the dignity of women, the manager said he did not understand where the sexism was, if in this establishment “one who is fat pays.

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Good and concluded

If we understand that poster as sexist, all underwear ads would be.” The association has been holding these awards since 2010 to censure the serious abuses that Philippines Telegram Number occur in the market and promote responsible practices by companies with consumers and in their relationships with them and the organizations that represent their interests. In the coming days, the association will announce the winner in the other category of the awards, The Worst Company of 2018, in which BBVA, Endesa, Ryanair and Vodafone compete.

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