Growth Hacking Guide for Beginners

Growth Hacking Guide for Beginners. Everyone tells you that a certain Sean Ellis, who is a very smart man, coined the term “Growth Hacker”. This is like everything in life, it is better to fall into grace than to be funny. What I want to tell you with this is that Sean Ellis was not the father of Growth Hacking , but rather this new concept had already existed for a long time, although it did not have a name or surname.

Product Market Fit – the cornerstone

In addition, Growth Hacking Instead of trying to convince us all that we needed to use a lot more features and such. In addition, they decided to focus on what people had shown they liked and eliminate the rest. That is the famous Product-Market-Fit and it is the first main leg in Growth Hacking . You should make a product that people want and not try to convince anyone to end up wanting it. In the end, Product-Market-Fit is like love: you can’t force me to love anyone email contact list even. In addition, if you come to me with a thousand bouquets of roses (I’d rather you buy me a Mac, I’ll tell you right now). Therefore, two hundred dinners in the light of the moon and compose 20 love songs for me.

This is Growth Hacking for kids

This is Growth Hacking for kids… that is. Therefore, we have tried some ingenious trick and you give it the first and last name that is so fashionable, but it has nothing to do with this discipline. Don’t look at me like that, Pinocchio also lied, but deep down he was a damn good person! Growth Hacking is a process and if there is no process, there is no Growth Hacking, period. I don’t know if you know the Lean Startup methodology. Therefore, which is used to develop Phone Number AU businesses without having to invest too much, based solely on verifying hypotheses. Growth Hacking inherits many things from this methodology in its process,

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