Google Search Console Errors and How to Find and Fix Them on Your website

Learn how to do it on your own! Your wordpress site runs on several parts including plugins, hosting, themes, etc. Plus, there are images, content, and other types of media that offer visitors a premium navigation experience. To offer the best user experience to your visitors, you need to keep up with the site’s maintenance. Opting for professional wordpress maintenance services provides a limited period of upkeeping services. You can save money on hefty maintenance services with simple upkeep tasks which we will introduce in the next section. Let’s learn them! Top website maintenance tasks to keep wordpress site well-performing all time a fast-working site not only offers the best user experience but also impacts your position on search engine ranking pages (serps). If you want to keep your site’s performance at par all the time, here is the list of website maintenance tasks that should be on your site upkeep routine.

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1. Regular updation of wordpress core files although wordpress has its own inbuilt system for managing updates of themes, files, and plugins, you need to ensure that you are using its current version. Some files do miss updates in some situations like when the license of plugins or themes expires. Your site’s functionality highly depends on the functioning power of wordpress core VP Maintenance Email Lists files, themes, and plugins. Therefore, keep a regular check on them. 2. Testing the forms no matter how accessible and top-notch forms you have included on your site, a minute misconfiguration or other types of hosting issues can stop sending emails to your subscribers. Additionally, an update in plugins, files, or themes can also create this problem.

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Therefore, keep checking the forms on your website and ensure that each one of them is working fine. You can also hire a wordpress web developer to run tests on the site’s forms. 3. Fixation of broken links and 404 eros 404 error page generally appears when the user puts the wrong address or requests an unavailable page. However, this also occurs when any pre-existing web page is not available on your phone number au site. This can lead to a bad user experience and increase bounce rates. You need to track all such errors. Additionally, you need to keep a check on poorly formatted or broken links because it can turn off your website visitors which isn’t good for your business.

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