Google Analytics 4: what changes compared

Google analytics 4. What changes compare to universal analytics. Marco targa – 8 april 2022 google analytics 4 universal analytics. The third version of google’s analytics platform. Is about to leave us after years of strenuous work. The mountain view giant will not make this important tool disappear from the internet. But will switch to the new version calle ga4 or. More precisely. Google analytics 4. The changes are notable and very serious . Because they are mainly due to the nee to carefully protect the privacy of users but also the online businesses of millions of companies. 

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 “New google analytics. Fundamental aspects to know” the first big change of the new google analytics the first substantial change that the new latest database google analytics brings with it is determine by a drastic change in the methodology with which a user’s activity on a website is conceive. With the old google platform. Universal analytics. It was base on sessions in which the interactions that a user performe in a specific time range were groupe. Google analytics 4 uses a totally different logic. We no longer think by sessions but by events. Then the tool uses a model that considers each user interaction as a single event.

We can say that this determines the substantial revolution

Of analytics because data collection changes drastically compare to the past. Google analytics 4 download the inside guide for free to Phone Number AU discover all the essential seo statistics for 2022 pros and cons of ga4 the most problematic aspect that all those who have always use analytics will have to face is the adaptation to the new functions and the new methodological approach that ga4 introduce. It must be remembere. However. That every major change is disconcerting for a moment but usually brings substantial benefits. On the one hand. Google must protect user privacy. While on the other it must provide a useful tool for marketing effectively. You might be intereste in. 

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