How much is online marketing going to change in 2019

How much it is evident that without an online presence the expansion of a business becomes impossible . However, this cannot be reduced to a web page. It is necessary to apply new criteria and establish lines of action that increase this online importance. A clear example is marketing campaigns, essential to engage the audience, or to reach a specific target. What is going to change – or stay the same – in 2019? The role of Social Networks Every company must have a presence on social networks. The question is which platform will be most effective in 2019 . The solution is through classic market studies. Identifying the target is essential .

These types

of studies are essential when defining the strategy on social networks. A clear but striking example is found in the use of Facebook and Switzerland Phone Number Data Instagram in the United States. In this country, about 41% of Facebook users turn out to be profiles of retirement age (around 65 years old), while young people (under 30) prefer to use Instagram. This plummet of the social media giant is reflected, on the one hand, in the lack of appetite of youth to share that personal space with their parents; and, on the other, in the bad publicity received throughout 2018 due to the massive sending of electoral propaganda. The increase in the use of Chatbots Today’s Chatbots are capable of answering any type of question, from weather predictions to mortgage rates .

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This sophisticated software

can also be used in customer service, thus reducing costs that would otherwise be necessary. Furthermore, the convenience that these Lebanon Phone Number List represent for consumers and users when purchasing online is undeniable. The role of this tool will gain more importance during 2019, thanks to the facilities it provides. In fact, studies reveal that by 2020, 85% of online purchases will be made through chatbots . A real advantage for those who mainly buy through their smartphone. The impact of voice assistants Siri or Alexa are just two illustrative examples of how technology is advancing towards voice searches . Up to a third of internet searches are currently done this way.

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