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You don’t know this edition has focused on a new consumer profile: a generation prone to little commitment and who lives outside the solid structures of advertising . And, as they were defined at the beginning of the session. Generation capable of living in an ephemeral world but having great references and very solid values. To discuss how to reach this new audience, Adrià Farrero. Director of strategic planning at BuzzFeed NY . Global reference platform in the creation of new media and channels segmented by audiences where the user is the center, Jordi. Participated. Rosàs from the advertising agency &Rosàs, Noemí Cuní. Director of the content agency Broadcaster, Laia Mas. Director of Public Affairs & Sustainability at Danone Iberia and Miquel Pellicer , communications directors of the Lavini a group, who moderated the round table with the present.

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The day closed with some reflections on the future of communication and how to reach these new audiences. Adrià Farrero has given as an example the experience France Email List of the and the importance of creating interesting content , giving it dimension and generating a conversation with consumers. Defined the company as a vehicle to connect people. He has also focused on the structure of the company itself. Highlighting the importance of having a young and diverse workforce. He added that “ fast and authentic is better than perfect .” For his part , Jordi Rosàs has put the focus on the advertiser.

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considering that he is the one who must make a cultural change to stop asking for and has qualified Adrià’s words by highlighting the importance of not leaving Latvia Phone Number List aside the production of advertisements. although we adapt to new times that require faster content. Noemí Cuní , for her part, has highlighted the importance of brands speaking out and not being oblivious to what is happening around them, «Let’s stop talking about ourselves as a brand. We must understand brand communication as a service , establishing a regularity of providing valuable content to seduce our audiences. “We all like to be told stories, real stories with real people with whom we can empathize.” Cuní along these lines pointed out that all companies have become media outlets.

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