Foxtel Phone Number
Foxtel Phone Number
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Foxtel Overview


Foxtel is a pay television company servicing Australians.  Its main goal is for every Australian to find something on TV that they want to watch every time they switch on.  Regarded as Australia’s most progressive media company, it offers Satellite, Cable, broadband, and IPTV, delivering a diverse subscription television service. Foxtel Phone Number and Customer Service Contact Details 1300 130799. 

Foxtel’s parent companies are News Corp Australia and Telstra, which own 50% of the company, respectively. Foxtel rapidly grew its operations in 2007, and since then, it has quickly grown into the foremost television programming provider in the country.

Foxtel has started to phase out the standard set-top-boxes and is replacing them with the iQ models. The iQ models have digital recording capacities, but these could be deactivated if the customers do not wish to pay for them.  The latest Foxtel software update is the 5.1 version updated in 2017.

This trailblazing and innovative company has brought several ground-breaking products to its customers through the years, including the iQ personal video recorder, Australia’s largest HDTV offering comprising of 36 channels, television, broadband and home phone bundles in partnership with Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications network, live or catch-up TV on a mobile device or tablet.  Recently, Foxtel launched the GoApp for iPad. Foxtel also invests hundreds of millions of Australian dollars in new and original homegrown content.

Foxtel aims to make a difference in broadcasting and the way that content is viewed by Australians. One of its main thrusts is taking part in Australia’s Reconciliation Program.  Foxtel aims to be a leader in the media industry in terms of reconciling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Foxtel’s core values reflect the Reconciliation Program initiatives and also the way they deal with their customers and stakeholders in general.  

One of Foxtel’s advocacies is energy efficiency, in conjunction with the Australian government’s initiative to improve the energy efficiency of set-top-boxes. Foxtel was a major signatory in the government’s drive to voluntary minimum energy consumption.

Foxtel also supports Community Broadcasting initiatives. It broadcasts the Aurora Community Channel, an Australian subscription television channel that shows locally produced documentaries and short films.


Foxtel Customer Service

Foxtel’s current slogan for their customers is “they offer a different entertainment experience every day.”

Foxtel currently employs 2,800 people, delivering service to around 2.8 million Australian subscribers. Foxtel customer service encompasses regional and metropolitan areas. It delivers exclusive the world’s most popular channels across all genres.  Foxtel always makes sure that they deliver high-quality local content.

Foxtel has two subscription choices: Foxtel iQ3 or Foxtel Play.  Foxtel iQ3 is via cable or satellite and is designed for a premium entertainment experience, while Foxtel Play is for streaming over the internet, which is a flexible, low-cost experience.  There is no lock-in contract for Foxtel Play. Foxtel iQ3 subscribers are able to record, pause and rewind Live TV, experience live HD TV

There are many ways to watch Foxtel.  The latest ways are downloading the Foxtel Go app and watching it on a tablet or mobile device while waiting for the TV installation. Depending on the subscription, subscribers can watch up to 80 live channels. Subscribers can register up to three devices.

Foxtel offers several TV combos, with no equipment fee for the iQ3 set-top-box, no lock-in contract, any TV pack’s first month is free for a minimum cost of $100.  Some of the popular TV combos are Platinum HD, Entertainment Pack, Drama Combo, Sports Combo, and Sports and Drama Combo. Usual packages include the number of channels; the Foxtel iQ3 set-top-box, and Foxtel Go.

The add-on features are little extras that subscribers can add such as channel packs, HD, speciality channels (Greek and Italian channels and World Movies), and Multiroom, which gives an option to add extra to other rooms. Aside from a massive collection of channels according to interest (Entertainment, Sports, Movies, Drama, Docos, and Kids), Foxtel also offers add-on speciality channels for special interests.  BoxSets allow subscribers to watch the whole series. World Movies is for movies beyond Hollywood.   LFCTV is the official channel of Liverpool FC, and Chelsea TV is the official channel of Chelsea FC.  For those who are feeling homesick for Greek and Italian TV, Foxtel offers Antenna Pacific (Greek Channel) and RAI Italia.

Foxtel Broadband features unlimited Foxtel Broadband, no iQ3 set up costs, 45 channels, free Wi-Fi modem, and unlimited local and national calls. There are currently 4 broadband + entertainment bundles: 200 GB Broadband + Entertainment Bundle, Unlimited Broadband + Entertainment Bundle, Unlimited Broadband + Sports Bundle, and Unlimited Broadband + Platinum HD Bundle.

Customers can also build their own bundles while existing customers can upgrade their plans.

Foxtel also offers packages for businesses.  There are packages for small businesses, licensed venues, gyms, accommodations, aged care, hospitals, mining and workforce accommodations, and Foxtel for Schools.


Foxtel broadcast quality is optimised based on a subscriber’s device – 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.  The Foxtel Go App is available on these devices:

iPad 2 or above
iPhone 4 or above
iPod Touch 5 or above
All Android devices
PC running XP service pack 2 or higher


Maximum data duration on a Wi-Fi tablet or Smartphone is between 320 MB p/hour to 920 MB p/hour.  On a 3G Tablet or Smartphone is between 320 MB p/hr to 920 MB p/hr.  On a PC or Mac, the maximum data duration is from 435 MB p/hr to 1325 MB p/hr.

For children, the Foxtel Kids App can be downloaded, letting them enjoy safe, kid-friendly entertainment.  Kids can either stream or download their favourite shows, all on a platform that has everything they want and the safety features that parents need, such as viewing time limits and channel blocking. Parents can also limit screen time and make the app appropriate for their age. Children will enjoy their favourite shows on Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., the Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Disney Jr., Discovery Kids, Boomerang, Disney XD, and CBeebies (BBC).

Subscribers can access thousands of movies and TV shows depending on the package that they get. Subscribers are able to get the latest episodes and recent blockbusters, which are added monthly.  In order to access shows on Foxtel Anytime, subscribers need to have Foxtel IQ set top box connected to the internet.  Foxtel’s BoxSets brings all seasons of the TV dramas and other popular TV series.

Foxtel provides closed captioning, additional text-based information about programs that aid Australians affected with hearing loss.  Closed captioning allows the hearing-impaired to have a richer TV experience.  Foxtel provides accessibility to as many channels as possible. As of December 2016, a total of thirty-one channels have captioning capabilities.  Channels that offer closed captioning are Fox 8, BBC UK TV, Arena, MTV, Universal Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Disney Jr., Daystar, Fox Sports, ESPN, History Channel, TLC, E!, and much more.

Foxtel Contact Numbers

Foxtel company headquarters is located at the Foxtel Television Centre in North Ryde, Sydney.  This is where its national subscription television operations are headquartered. The facility has the television studios, broadcast operations, and cable and satellite transmission facilities. Two Customer Solutions Centres are based at Moonee Ponds, Melbourne and Robina, Gold Coast.

Here are Foxtel phone numbers:

Choosing a Foxtel Experience 1300 785 622
Renting new releases 131 999
General Enquiries 1300 788 796
Foxtel for Business 1300 765 866
General Enquiries for new customers 1300 130 799

9 AM to 7 PM (Mon-Fri)

10 AM to 6 PM (Saturday)

Closed on Sundays

General Enquiries for existing customers 131 999

Billing – 9 AM to 7 PM (Monday to Friday)

Package Change – 9 AM to 9 PM (Monday to Friday)

10 AM to 8 PM (Saturday to Sunday)

Broadband and Home Phone Technical Help 24/7

TV Technical Help – 7:30 Am to Midnight (Monday to Sunday)

Calling from Overseas +61 3 8325 2701
Hearing or Speech impairment Through National Relay Service

TTY: Call 133 677 then enter 131 999

Speak and Listen: Call 1300 555 7272 then ask for Foxtel.

Corporate and Advertising
Corporate enquiries (02) 9813 6000
Public affairs and media (02) 9813 6000

Foxtel Phone Number and Customer Service Contact Details 1300 130799

Foxtel Phone Number

Foxtel Phone Number and Customer Service Contact Details 1300 130799.

Foxtel Australia encourages customers to contact them for queries and concerns.  Here are relevant mailing addresses and locations:

Sydney Head Office:

5 Thomas Holt Drive

North Ryde NSW 2113


Melbourne – Customer Sales and Service

1-21 Dean St.

Moonee Ponds VIC 3039

Gold Coast – Customer Sales and Service

35 Robina Town Centre Drive

Robina QLD 4226

The Foxtel Community is a forum where subscribers and guests can connect, share, and discuss anything that has to do with Foxtel. Significantly, it provided support and help for members for programming assistance and other topics.  Important announcements and latest Foxtel news can also be found on the community site. Popular technical support topics include Foxtel Outages, Foxtel iQ3, Foxtel TV, Foxtel Go, and Foxtel Play. Topics about Accounts and Billing and Programming are also popular.

Existing customers can also get Foxtel support by liking or following their social media accounts.  Foxtel subscribers can get support on Facebook, ask for assistance via Twitter (@FOXTEL or @FOXTEL_HELP, or follow their YouTube, Google+ or Instagram accounts.




  • Why should I buy Foxtel 4k?

Foxtel’s 4K channel offers you guaranteed 4K via satellite broadcast on their all-new iQ4. You can immerse yourself in Australia’s first and only dedicated 4k channel and live the ultimate 4K television experience from October 2018.

  • What is 4K?

4K gives you a crisper and more vibrant picture with four times the resolution of the HD and 20 times the resolution of SD. 4K is like nothing you have seen before.

So if you want to get up in all the action with a picture so sharp and more lifelike than ever before then, you are recommended to buy 4K.

  • What is the difference between Foxtel now and Foxtel Play?

Foxtel Now offers an improved interface, which is easier to navigate, and gives customers improved search and discovery of Foxtel’s live and on demand programming. You are allowed to stream on demand and live TV in HD on via the Foxtel Now box, Chrome and Safari Browsers, Playstation 4 and Telstra TV when using AirPlay from the Foxtel Now app or chromecashe, and the iOS mobile/tablet app. Not all services and programs are offered in HD. HD is not available on Android mobiles or tablets. If you want to check the full list of services available in HD, visit their HD page.

  • Which devices are included in Foxtel Now and Foxtel Play?

FOXTEL NOW – Foxtel Now Box, Mobile and Tablet, PC and MAC, Chromecast , Telstra TV and PlayStation 4

FOXTEL PLAY – Playstation 3, Xbox One and Smart TV

There are number of applications that will be branded with Foxtel Now with others that have yet to be upgraded as Foxtel play. Customers can continue to stream on your Playstation 3, Xbox One, or compatible Samsung, Sony or LG smart TVs with the Foxtel Play App.

They are working hard to broaden their access to new browsers, update existing Foxtel Play devices and add new devices over the next few months and look forward to sharing future developments.

  • What’s new in Foxtel Now?

Their new interface is easier to take the helm and gives customers enhanced search and discovery of Foxtel’s live and on-demand programming. You can also stream on-demand and live TV in HD on PC/Mac via the Google, Telstra TV, Chrome Browser and chromecast. Not all services and programs are obtainable in HD. Moreover, HD is not available on Mobile/Tablet. Click here for a full list of services available in HD.

  • Can I use Foxtel Play Applications?

Yes, you can use both the applications Foxtel Now or Foxtel Play branded applications. These apps count towards your 5 rigistered deives. For example – you may be using foxtel now on PC and mac and mobile or tablet and use foxtel play on your playstation4.

  • Why should I buy Foxtel 4k?

Foxtel’s 4K channel offers you guaranteed 4K via satellite broadcast on their all-new iQ4. You can immerse yourself in Australia’s first and only dedicated 4k channel and live the ultimate 4K television experience from October 2018.

  • Am I still using the Foxtel App to watch on my tablet or mobile if I am currently practising the Foxtel Play App?

No, regardless of which brand of application you practice (Foxtel Play or Foxtel Now), all customers should use the new Foxtel Now mobile or tablet app from June 7.

For instance, you might be using the PS4 as your first device but to watch on your mobile and tablet, you need to download the new Foxtel Now app.

  • If I am currently on Foxtel Play, do I require to generate a new account or will I transition over to Foxtel Now?

In this case, they will automatically transition your Foxtel Now account for you, and you will get an email from them outlining the novelties and how it impacts you. You may notice both brands on devices for a period.

  • My device only has Foxtel Play and doesn’t support Foxtel Now. When will my device be renewed to Foxtel Now?

They will continue to work on rolling out their updated user interface and HD across other devices over the next few months. They will keep you posted via the Foxtel Now website or the community page as things develop.

  • I’m a cable/satellite sponsor; do I have access to Foxtel Now as well?

You can run Foxtel content to your compatible iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices via the Foxtel app.

Your set-top box has highlights such as record and playback, Movie store, remote record when you’re not at home, start over and series link, all roles that Foxtel Now customers don’t have access to.

  • What happens to the Foxtel app?

The Foxtel app will remain accessible to cable/satellite subscribers as part of their subscription plan.

  • Will there be a pause to live sport for Foxtel Now compared to broadcast?

Due to many determinants including your broadband provider, your internet speed, your location and bandwidth, internet streaming may be somewhat delayed compared to their live broadcast through a set-top box. Under typical situations, it will be less than 1 min behind live broadcast.

  • Will there be HD and SD channels?

Yes. HD is only accessible on PC and Mac via the Google Chrome browser, Telstra TV, and Chromecast. Not all services and programs are free in HD. HD is not available on mobiles or tablets. Click here to view a full list of services available in HD.

  • Will HD be available on demand or just live TV?

With Foxtel Now you can stream on demand and live TV in HD via the Foxtel Now box, Chrome and Safari browsers, Telstra TV, PlayStation®4, when working on Chromecast/AirPlay from the Foxtel Now app, and the iOS mobile/tablet app. Not all services/programs are available in HD. HD is not available on Android mobiles or tablets. Click on the given link to view a full list of services available in HD.

  • How much data does streaming in SD/HD use per hour?

The highest data obligatory per hour is 1.4GB per hour for SD content or 3.2GB per hour for HD content.

  • What is the optional speed for FOXTEL NOW?

Foxtel recommends a minimum internet date of at least 3.0 Mbps or above when watching SD content or 7.0 Mbps when viewing HD content. If you are experiencing buffering or slow channel changing times – this might be related to your internet connection speed. You can run a speed test by clicking on ‘Settings’ to determine the internet speed of your device. If you find out that your speed is below requirements, we recommend you to contact your internet service provider. Moreover, Foxtel Now uses adaptive bitrate streaming to ensure their customers are served with the very best stream based on your internet speed.

  • In which resolution does HD stream in Foxtel Now?

HD is dependent on your device. Foxtel Now runs in up to 1080p for On Demand titles and up to 720p on linear TV.

  • Why does my device not possess HD qualities?

They are continuing to work on rolling out their updated user interface and HD over other devices. They will keep you posted via the Foxtel Now website or the community page as things progress.

  • Will Foxtel Now be accessible on more devices? When will my device be refreshed to the new interface?

It will surely be updated to a new interface but later. They will keep you posted via the Foxtel Now website or the community page as things develop.

  • Does Foxtel Now support AirPlay?

Yes, Foxtel Now does support AirPlay.

  • Will the Foxtel Play app be dissolved out in future?

Yes, they are keen for everyone to experience Foxtel Now.

  • Can I watch on my PC or Mac over a different browser other than Google Chrome?

Foxtel Now is currently only reachable via Google Chrome (compatible with version 57 and above) and Safari. They will surely keep you posted via the Foxtel Now website or the community page as things develop.

  • Do I require downloading an app to watch on my PC or Mac?

No, you can stream Foxtel Now from your Google Chrome or Safari browser by logging in to

  • As a Foxtel Play Telstra TV user, do I need to do anything to transition to Foxtel Now?

Simply nothing! The Foxtel Play application on the Telstra TV will automatically be renewed to Foxtel Now from 7 June.

  • Can I manage the Foxtel Now box without having an active Foxtel Now subscription?

You don’t require an active subscription to practice the Foxtel Now box, just a Foxtel Now login.

However, to get the most out of your Foxtel Now box, we advise subscribing to Foxtel Now – which is available from $10 per month. You can sign up through

  • Can I buy the Foxtel Now box without having a Foxtel now subscription?

Yes, you can acquire the Foxtel Now box for $99 via their eBay store.

But, you will need a Foxtel Now login when you first set up the device. If you don’t have login details, you can sign up to Foxtel Now on our 2-week free trial.

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