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Consumers will only increase their adoption of social technologies, most social networking data shows this is going ‘up and to the right’. You can never hire enough community managers to manage your millions of customers that are now using social channels to communicate. You must have a strategy to scale. This article, which I originally wrote on my regular column on the Forbes CMO network explains in pragmatic steps what marketing executives must do to develop a scalable program. I look forward to hearing what you’ve learned below. How To Create A Customer Advocacy Program.

CMOs must tap

The voices of their customers. While marketers traditionally were the direct channel and voice to the customer, creating direct mail, advertising and corporate press releases. CMOs today must develop advocacy programs in order to scale, increase credibility and demonstrate commitment to customers. In doing so, marketers Macedonia WhatsApp Number List will develop a low-cost trusted unpaid army of customer advocates. Why an Advocacy Program? Research by Edelman’s trust barometer indicates that buyers, customers and consumers often will trust each other far more than they’ll trust employees, sales or company.

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While factual information

About product specs, pricing and usage will still be relevant on the corporate website, expect customers to do online research and consider advice from their peers before they make purchasing decisions. Five Phases of Mature Advocacy Belgium Phone Number List Programs To develop advocacy programs, CMOs must conduct the following five steps: 1.) First, get ready internally. You’ll need to dedicate an internal staff member on a part-time basis to manage this program. Look for folks who have a background in influencer relationships and are savvy about social media–traditional command-and-control techniques need not apply.

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