8 consumer trends that brands will have to take advantage of in 2019

8 consumer trends for almost 10 years now, Juan Isaza, strategy director at DDB Latina, has collected at the end of the year the trends that will affect consumers the following year, something tremendously valuable for brands, especially in a society in constant change. Isaza publishes the trends the first week of January and, on her last visit to Spain, she delved deeper into them. Just when the fourth month of the year begins, he has been able to see how accurate his predictions have been.

Extreme polarization

Trends 2019 1. The world is at a time of greatest polarization , with a very large gap in the world of politics and in which society is not Indonesia WhatsApp Number Data able to agree on fundamental issues. So much so, that in many houses it is prohibited to talk about politics or topics on which the members are very divided. The opportunity for brands lies in generating conciliation , since consumers see positive when brands send a message in a constructive way.

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My general recommendation

is to try to unite,” says Isaza. Brands must invite society to reunite and see it as an opportunity. This will be especially ideal for companies in the Germany Telegram Number food sector. 2. Surviving anxiety “We are at the moment in history when we have the most information at our disposal, but we are afraid like never before of what could happen,” says Juan Isaza. With constant changes in society, consumers live with uncertainty that can cause anxiety problems. Brands can help reduce the anxiety level of these people who live in uncertainty. Although this role of responsibility may impose, as always, companies that know how to do it well and have strong values ​​will be able to achieve change.

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