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The next biggest markets are argentina .and . In brazil  in the u’s instagram’s ad penetration is  the uk and canada come in at . And  respectively. Instagram advertising eligible reach rate explore more instagram statistics here. Ready to start your instagram ad campaign? Check out our guide to instagram advertising here. Facebook ad statistics with . Billion monthly active users. Facebook remains a central part of most people’s internet experience. In fact. . Of the world’s population uses the app each month. So despite a fairly tumultuous year. The fact is facebook remains one of the world’s most valuable brands. If you’re interest in advertising on facebook in . Here’s what you ne to know. Facebook ad revenue is expect to grow to . Billion in . Meta net ad revenues worldwide by segment – facebook’s potential advertising reach is.

Billion People Facebook Ads Reach

Billion people facebook ads reach. Of all americans ag. The potential ad audience for facebook reels is. Million people. Though reels only account for. Of ad impressions on the platform in . For stories. There’s a potential ad audience of . Billion users. Over on facebook marketplace. There’s a potential audience of. Million users for your ads. 

Of facebook’s ad audience is in southeast business database asia. The next-largest group is southern america at   of facebook advertisers use the click-to-messaging format. A smart way to keep customer interactions on the platform. Facebook ads reach . Of the global population over the age of . Facebook’s ad audience is . Male. Despite its reputation as a place for baby boomers to thrive.

Ads Audience Is Over the Age

Only of facebook’s ad audience is over the age of. The largest demographic of facebook users is between  and a whopping  hello. Millennials! Facebook advertising audience profile the average price per ad decrease by in. For the five days between thanksgiving and cyber monday. Facebook’s cpm dropp y-o-u. This. Of course.

Is just scratching the surface. Click here for Phone Number AU more facebook statistics. And then learn everything you ne to know about advertising on facebook here. Twitter ad statistics after the public takeover of twitter by billionaire elon musk in late . The social networking platform is currently in a bit of a state of flux. But one thing we can assume is that it’s going to continue to be an important part of the social mia landscape.

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