Five Steps to Achieve ‘Escape Velocity’

It helps to have read that first yielded some surprising findings. These business decision makers are struggling to scale. To meet the growing demands of customers and internal business units. While maintaining a very lean team. One stark reality we learned about the compounding demands is that Corporate Social Strategists are now . In conclusion, realizing that they cannot scale: in fact every time we respond to customer complaints in . Therefore, social channels we reinforce that they can get our attention by ‘yelling at their friends’ in public. They have no choice but to quickly develop scalable business programs.

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“Escape Velocity” or be rendered in a role that is responding to every fire, and cleaning up messes from ill-fated programs started by Business Units (BU) that lack experience in what is called the dreaded “Social Media Help Oman Phone Number List Desk”. [As demands from customers and business units compound, the corporate social strategist is at a crossroads: they must scale their program or be relegated to sanitation in the social media help desk] In my keynote presentation last week at the Social Media Strategies Summit, I presented to a few hundred corporate social strategists some real-world strategies.

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Before them on how to scale and be proactive. Here’s five of them: Strategy: Five Steps to Achieve Escape Velocity –Stay out of the Social Media Help Desk Get Proactive: Give Requirements to Business Units –Before They Ask. Many Latvia Phone Number List strategists told us they were afflicted by last minute “Give me a Facebook page now! Our campaign launches Monday, if you don’t do it my niece is all over it!” As a result, a proactive stance is required, the strategist must give a list of requirements to the Business Unit before they ask. This list of requirements should include items such as: Understanding of social media.

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