Field Report Shanghai and China’s Social Web

Scene but am now in Shanghai and have met with. A handful of folks that are looking at social business within China. Don’t take this as a proper research report. But just sharing what I heard from speaking to a handful of professionals who are looking at the social web. Culture, and business such as Sam Flemming, Bryce Whitwam, and hearing from Nicolas Zurstrassen of Nike present at the Social Media event where I was speaking. Field Report: Shanghai and China’s Social Web, What I Learned.

Don’t take this as complete research

It’s just based on what I learned in a short period of time, you should connect with China experts who I listed out below. China’s online sphere already large and growing –with increased disposable income. The largest internet population Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List in the world, 400mm of the 1.3 billion Chinese citizens are online, nearly one third and growing also with an increase in wealth. Google’s announcement of AdMob indicated they are tracking the top visited websites across the world, and wow, has the landscape changed. See this list of the visited websites around the globe, many of them are Chinese such as Baidu.

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Chinese internet marketing

Requires a specialized approach. The Chinese online community is vastly different than the West, There are different tools, websites, behaviors, and as a result different takes. I’ve outlined my findings from 3 years ago, if you want to China Telegram Number see my previous field notes in this four part series. Brands and consumers go to Social Networking Sites (SNS) –not create their own. In the west, it’s common for brands to have their own online community that’s branded using a community platform. Yet, from what I heard, it’s more common for brands to join customers where they are in SNS sites like QQ.

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