Educafestival presents Mikel Echevarría, first president of the jury of the 3rd Edition

Educafestival presents Creating a new company is a process that is as rewarding as it is exhausting. There are numerous variables to consider and details that cannot be overlooked. It is normal under these circumstances that doubts and fears appear. However, you should never let such ups and downs come between you and your goals . The main question that must surely invade your thoughts is : How can I compete in such a large market with such a small company? Don’t despair. Here is a guide with the 10 most important tips to make your company brand stand out in its category. 1. Identify the audience to whom you will present the brand The basis for building a brand is determining the target audience to which it will be directed. When building your brand, you need to keep in mind exactly who you are trying to reach.

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In this step, it is important to be specific. You need to research to understand how to reach them. Once the target audience is established, the brand’s mission and message USA Email List will be adapted to meet their needs. 2. Establish the brand mission The mission is a clear expression of the main objective of your company. It is necessary to establish from the beginning what value your business provides to the market . Consider why consumers should choose your company over another . The mission statement defines the purposes, objectives and strategies that will later be used.The 3rd Edition of the International Educational Advertising Festival that will take place on June 11 at Caixa Forum Madrid has started strongly.

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The organization believes

In the educational power of advertising and seeks to contribute to a more just, equal and responsible society. This unique, non-profit festival will once again feature recognized Iran Phone Number List professionals from the sector to evaluate the most creative applications with educational value. Mikel Echevarría. Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of the Basque Country, began his career as a copy editor at Contrapunto and REMO. Additionally, he was Creative Director at McCann, Mrs Rushmore and DDB. Freelance for several agencies such as Keple 22b and Decreativos. Currently, he serves as Executive Creative Director at TBWA. «Commercial promises are no longer enough. The values ​​you promise must be demonstrated with facts .

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