Fake News and why should you be wary of this type of news?

Fake News,  refers to all types of information in which the truth is manipulated by modifying the facts. Or even inventing them. To convince the public of a fictitious reality. The literal translation of  into Spanish is:  . Since the beginning of humanity. It is true that stories have always undergone some modifications as they are transmitted from person to person. But unlike. This, the  we talk about in this post are those that are prepared with the sole objective of deceiving the audience . Making them believe something that is not true. In other words. Whoever creates them knows what they are up to and what their intention is. There are websites that are dedicated to sharing information that in many cases is not verified.

A curious fact about the origin of fake news

Fake News, All in all, social networks are the platforms where this type of news is promoted email contact list the most. Because these do not have to be governed by the same laws on the veracity of information. Which do apply to newspapers and other news media – there are practically no regulations and  spreads very quickly. A curious fact about the origin of  This Anglo-Saxon term began to be used. When the former president of the USA, Donald Trump. Said during his term that several of the country’s main newspapers only published false news. Since then. It has been used to refer to malicious information that misleads people. Types and examples of   (also called famous news) is not limited to one type of information.

Journalist mistakes

News headlines appeal to emotions and are almost always accompanied by modified images that generate Phone Number AU fear. Curiosity, disgust and other sensations that arouse curiosity. Propaganda It refers to false or distorted stories created to manipulate the audience. This type of fake occurs mostly in political and nationalist environments in which the aim is to manipulate. The nation into accepting concepts and beliefs of leaders or groups of leaders. Journalist mistakes When presenting or writing information. Some journalists have made mistakes that end up changing the meaning of the story . By the time they realize it. Thousands or millions of people have already been reached. In cases where the person or broadcaster wants to practice responsible journalism.

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