Contact phone customer service
Contact phone customer service
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We all use Facebook every day so do our friends. But have you ever wondered how to get in touch with the customer support? We feel that Facebook is an social application used by an individual so there is nothing that a customer support can do about our problem. But that isn’t correct. Facebook has a full-fledged customer care department in every country to provide its users with assistance and solutions when needed. If you are from Australia and looking for Facebook Australia contact number you might want to try this number 001-650-543-4800.

Social media abuse is a very common problem these days. Due to the freedom of expression people feel it’s right for them to say whatever comes to their mind. But there are times when one might feel that an individual has crossed their line. What do you do at those moments? You can either block them or report them abuse! There is although another way to tackle the Facebook abusers. All you need to do is send in an email to their abuse management team and they will take care of the problem. The Facebook Australia contact email address for abuse management team is

 facebook australia customer service contact phone number

There are times when for no fault your social media account gets suspended and this can be a very frustrating experience. Especially, if you feel that you are a highly social person. Making a new account and adding all your friends back can be very tricky and time consuming. Sometimes clarifying with the authorities can also be helpful in regaining the operating rights to your account. If you are facing a similar problem you can always use this  Facebook Australia contact email to contact the account operation team.

If you are not looking for any of the above assistance there is always another way to contact the Facebook team just to gain some general information. The two main methods for general enquiry are by either dropping them a mail or maybe visiting their Australia head office. First is the Facebook Australia contact email address for general enquiry which is  Even then if you are not satisfied by the information provided to you, the other option available is of visiting their head office which is located in Sydney Australia. The Facebook Australia contact address for their head office is 77 king street, level 18, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia.

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