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Tool for thought leadership. Then your efforts are out of balance. Add longer lasting, higher impact, larger form content now (Steak) content to your mix now. Your Mix Is Unbalanced. Twitter’s Limited Features are Overloaded. I’m seeing an unbalance in how individuals are trying to get the word out. And an excess focus on micro tools. Resulting in some bad behaviors. Unlike Facebook’s intelligent sorting of news items. Twitter is at risk as users are rewarded to publish frequently in order to stay top of mind] In an effort to publish “Shish-Kabob”. Brands and individuals have forgotten about “Steaks”.

There’s been a change

Media consumption. We consume smaller bits of information at greater quantity. And consume less long-form content. Five years ago, over dinner, Steve Rubel and I saw this change coming in which we identified as a Qatar Phone Number List shift from media diets away from Steak to “Shish-Kabob”. The challenge is, people and companies have shifted their social media mix so far to the left towards micromedia they’ve forgotten about long form content. Tweets Lack Persistence, Thereby Quickly Losing Value. Tweets are hard to find after being published, and diminish even further over time.

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For example

Twitter doesn’t make it easy to see and find older tweets, (see how searches on my own company are limited to three pages only), so I believe that data that you publish there becomes harder to find, and therefore less valuable. The net: If you’re Vietnam Phone Number List investing a lot of time into Twitter, you are not wisely investing your time. Conundrum: To Stay Top of Mind, People Tweet more, Resulting In More Noise. While Lists are nice, and good nuggets won’t always arrive to the top of the stream, and as a result this encourages people to post the same message over and over to stay top of mind (and stream).

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