The most in-demand speakers for business events and conventions

The most technology is revolutionizing the business world exponentially. This same week Apple announced the flat rate for many of the Newsstand magazines, its new payment card, or its new television application with a flat rate and access to numerous platforms. Last week, Google announced Stadia , a new way to play from anywhere in the world with just a Wi-Fi connection, a controller, a screen (any) and an Internet connection. And all this with a flat rate. Apple is not short either and also announced Apple Arcade to compete against these new flat-rate gaming platforms.

Digital Transformation

Spanish companies prepared for this revolutionary change that technology is bringing? It seems that  is imposed as the central theme of all commercial conventions and Poland Telegram Number Data company events in Spain. Everyone is talking about it and everyone . Therefore ,  wants to be prepared for this great revolution. And event organizers and agencies strive to find motivational speakers or lecturers to make their meetings and business conventions with clients a success. We have recently learned that even the past President of Corte Inglés . Therefore ,  the recently appointed candidate to be part of the Political Group of Citizens and former world president of Marketing of Coca Cola, Marcos de Quinto , have applied as speakers for all those who They want to pay for their caches.

Telegram Number Data

The World Changes

A good speaker not only has to know what to talk about or know the subject in depth, but also – and much more importantly – motivate his audience to provoke South Africa Telegram Number action. In this sense, there are all types of speakers who serve to provoke various types of reactions in the public. If we talk about attitude, one of the most sought-after . Therefore ,  event speakers, Victor Küppers , probably comes to mind . His conference does not leave anyone indifferent, since he invites you to think and, above all, to change your attitude towards life and business. Today Diego Antoñanzas is also in high demand : his past experience in multinationals and his passion for technology makes his conference on Digital Transformation and how to make the new clients of tomorrow fall in love with him a success.

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