EQUMEDIA manages the media dissemination campaign to publicize

EQUMEDIA , the first independent Media Agency in Spain, has recently won the competition for the management of the new communication campaign of the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration for the dissemination of information actions on the Minimum Living Income on Television, Radio and Internet, planned for an amount of €2,425,000.

Equmedia manages the media dissemination campaign

The campaign will be active during the industry email list months of October and November. Its main objective is to publicize and inform users about the Minimum Living Income as a solidarity response and reinforce the right of the most vulnerable people to fully integrate into society with this help. This is a campaign that has two different audiences: on the one hand, the general population, with the idea of ​​mass informing of the implementation of this measure; and, on the other hand, the target population , susceptible to this measure.

What is the Minimum Living Income

The Minimum Living Income is a Phone Number AU benefit that is part of the protective action of Social Security and is aimed at promoting the social inclusion of the most economically vulnerable people , who lack the basic economic resources to cover their needs. Currently, more than 520,000 homes, with more than 1,400,000 people, have already benefited from it . This is a benefit that offers a minimum income to cover your basic needs, adapting to your personal and salary circumstances, and to the changes that may occur in the family unit.

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