EastLink Phone Number
EastLink Phone Number
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EastLink Overview

Located in Melbourne, EastLink offers Australia’s lowest toll prices at 13 cents per kilometre, approximately.  It is tolled electronically and it has innovative cashless booths.  Toll collection is done through a state-of-the-art electronic system.  This section of the Eastern Freeway (also called the M3 freeway) in Melbourne connects large areas of the eastern suburbs of Victoria, making it the largest tollway network in Victoria. The project was conceived due to congestion on the major north-south roads of Melbourne’s eastern area, which became very apparent since the late 1980s.

True to their word that passing through EastLink is time better spent, EastLink offers a myriad of options for customers for paying tolls. There’s the Tag Account, Non-Tag Account, EastLink Trip Pass, Toll Invoice or Business Account. When travelling with a tag, each toll is deducted from the account.  Vehicle classes who pass through EastLink are categorized into five tolling classes: CAR, LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles), HCV (Heavy Commercial Vehicles), Motorcycles and Taxis.

EastLink is considered a very safe and secure motorway. It is 39 kilometres long and connects strategic locations: the Eastern, Monash, Frankston and Peninsula Link freeways.  It passes through 45 sets of traffic lights. It also goes through stunning landscaping and wetlands, all 480 hectares of it. There are around 60 wetlands surrounding this highway, which is meant to improve local waterways and create habitat for wildlife.  This reinvigorated local creeks and waterways in the area.  The network also comprises of Ringwood Bypass, 1 kilometre of highway that connects EastLink to Maroondah Highway and Mt. Dandenong Road. EastLink has 17 total interchanges and 88 bridges.  There are three lanes in each direction for 33 kilometres, and two lanes in each direction for 6 kilometres. EastLink also has 35 kilometres of new bicycle and walking tracks. While under construction, over 13,000 noise wall panels were used on this freeway, with 1,000 kilometres of electrical cabling.  

Opened in June 2008, EastLink is a joint project of Thiess and John Holland, both leading construction companies in Australia. Many people claim that EastLink is also Melbourne’s fastest and most delay-free road, running an average speed of 93.5 km/h.

EastLink goes from the Eastern Freeway in Donvale, Melbourne on the North End to the Frankston Freeway in Seaford, Melbourne on the South End.  This freeway goes through the major suburbs of Ringwood and Dandenong.  The major junctions on the EastLink freeway are Springvale Road, Ringwood Bypass, Burwood Highway, Monash Freeway, Princes Highway, Dandenong Bypass and Peninsula Link.

EastLink also has a stunning architectural landscape. At a construction cost of $2.5 billion, the stunning architecture of its tollways is complemented by more than $50 million spent on landscaping, with 3.6 million native trees and shrubs planted. It also has $5.5 million worth of public artwork installations, created by talented Australian artists. Major artworks include ‘Hotel’ by Callum Morton, which is a steel structural frame with concrete and glass panels.  The installation looks like an actual hotel, and it is located between Greens Road and Bangholme Road. Another major artwork is ‘Desiring Machine’ by Simeon Nelson, which is galvanised steel plate located south of Thompson Road. The two other artworks on the Eastlink motorway are ‘Ellipsoidal Freeway Sculpture by James Angus and ‘Public Art Strategy’ by Emily Floyd.

EastLink boasts of sustainability credentials. Aside from 480 hectares of landscaping, it has 35 km of trails for cyclists, pedestrians, and runners. EastLink supports the local community by building strategic community partnerships and supporting the initiatives of road safety education programs for young adults and major community events in the EastLink corridor.

EastLink also has community partners that ensure road safety and links with the community.  EastLink’s road safety partners include the Eastern Football League, Road Trauma Support Services Victoria, and SafetySense.  Major community event partners are Aquanation (Maroondah), Frankston Arts Centre, Frankston Festival of Lights, Main Street Mornington Festival, Maroondah Festival, Monash Carols by Candlelight and Tyabb Air Show.


EastLink Customer Service


EastLink provides a great advantage for Melbourne vehicle owners because it provides time, fuel, and vehicle efficiency savings for all motorists.  The transport network of Melbourne has considerably improved following the opening of this freeway in 2008, allowing motorists to bypass congestion and traffic lights on local roads. Its electronic toll collection system keeps traffic free-flowing at all times.

Each EastLink Account and Pass options have key benefits. For instance, using Tag Accounts are the cheapest way to pass through EastLink. The EastLink Trip pass allows motorists to pay per trip without needing an account. The toll invoice option does not need an account or trip pass.  The invoice will arrive at your registered address. The business account provides monthly invoicing in arrears. The EastLink tag account is provided for drivers who make regular trips.  The non-tag account is intended for motorcyclists and other vehicles travelling without tags.  Trip passes could be used for very infrequent travel.  There are various tag sounds to watch out for while motorists are passing through a toll gantry.  The tag should emit a sound.  A single beep means that the trip has been registered and there is sufficient credit on the account.  One beep followed by two quick beeps means that the account balance is low and need a top-up. Four beeps mean that the account has been suspended and needs to be reactivated. No tag beeps mean that the tag may be faulty or incorrectly installed on the vehicle.

There is 20% weekend discount and 20% single section discount for cars. If customers prefer to pay in cash, there are participating EastLink payment at retailers 7-Eleven, United Petroleum, and many newsagents.

The high quality of EastLink customer service exceeds the KPIs agreed with the state of Victoria. It is also proud of having the distinction of being the safest freeway in Melbourne.  It has round-the-clock monitoring with video cameras, automatic detectors and traffic counters.  

In-tunnel air quality is measured for the safety of all motorists.  There is continuous monitoring of Carbon Monoxide emissions. Air control is achieved through the number of fans installed in the tunnels.  EastLink also has a state-of-the-art ventilation system.

EastLink promotes road safety for its motorists with safety instructions, lane control signs, fixed and variable speed signs and loudspeaker announcements. It uses digital signs to communicate safety on the road. EastLink also provides safety measures for those who are passing under the Mullum Mullum and Melba tunnels, both 1.6 km long tunnels for vehicles up to 4.65 metres in height.

EastLink offers a special My Account page for its users.  On its brand new website, this also works better on mobile phones and tablet devices.  Logging in to a user’s account enables customers to check the status and balance of their accounts, view toll charges and payments, download statements, make a payment, upgrade to automatic payment or change payment details, update contact details, add/remove vehicles to/from account, order tags and tag holders, and make any other online enquiry. The minimum balance before a customer should make a top-up payment is $13.63.  Other fees and charges for pre-paid tag accounts include account set-up amount, additional statement fee, image processing fee, tag missing fee and tag replacement fee (which is $40 per tag).  The minimum top up amount is $30.00.

EastLink Contact Numbers

The call centre and customer centre of EastLink employ locals who are experts in the surrounding areas. Here are the phone numbers of EastLink: (03) 9955 1400 and 13 LINK (13 54 65) Monday to Friday 7 AM to 6 PM.  It is closed on public holidays. Fax number of EastLink is 03 9955 1401.  

You may also send a post to EastLink, PO Box 744, Ringwood VIC 3134. Those who are in the Ringwood area may also visit the EastLink Customer Centre at 2 Hillcrest Avenue, Ringwood VIC 3134 (Melway 49 E9).  This facility is open from Monday to Friday at 8:30 AM to 5 PM.  It is closed on public holidays.

For speech to speech relay, contact 1300 555 727.  If you are a customer that needs an interpreter for Greek, Italian, Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese languages, call 13 14 50.

Here are contact details for payment EastLink payment facilities:

Payment Facility Access Payments Accepted
Automatic Payment (03) 9955 1400

Account should be paid automatically when the balance drops below the minimum

Bank accounts and card payments
Internet EastLink.com.au Card payments
Phone (03) 9955 1400 Card payments
In Person EastLink Customer Centre Ringwood

Participating Outlets


Cash and Card payments


EastLink Phone Number

EastLink Phone Number

Customers and account holders may also contact EastLink through email enquiry. The link to the email enquiry is located on the website.  The email address for enquiries is enquiry@breeze.com.au. There is a special FAQs page on the EastLink website that allows customers to find answers to common questions such as, ’Are any trips on EastLink free of charge?’, ‘Is EastLink guaranteed to be a fast route?’, and ‘Do motorcycles get charged for using EastLink?’ There are also answers to other questions pertaining to paying tolls, using a tag, operating multiple vehicles using one account, and managing an account.


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