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Webinars continue to be an important way companies connect to customers for education, marketing, sales, and customer support purposes. Yet most companies relegate these tasks to junior staff at the last minute, forgetting a key number of crucial steps and increase risk. While tools like Cisco’s Webex, GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, and Microsoft LiveMeeting and Slideshare Zipcast, (Or Virtual events with On24, INXPO, Unisfair ) offer a variety of technologies, they don’t provide a strategy or a comprehensive checklist on the many components needed.

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P’s Master the Ten P’s, and notice that steps one through seven are actually before the actual webinar performance. The Ten Ps include: 1) Philosophy, 2) Purpose, 3) Planning, 4) Professionals, 5) Programming of Australia WhatsApp Number List Content, 6) Promotion, 7) Preparation and Practice, 8> Performance “Showtime”, 9) Pursuit, 10) Post Mortem Detailed Guide for Download: How To Successfully Produce A Professional Grade Webinar, Webcast, or Teleconference Download this excel sheet from slideshare by clicking on the embed below. Review with your team, then assign team members and dates Place this document.

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In a central location

So all team members can see, and conduct regular meetings to complete checklist If you’re in the marketing or sales arena, the 9th P is crucial. Remember, once the event ends, your job is just starting and you must focus on “Pursuit” for China Telegram Number sales followups, don’t just throw a lead least over the transom to sales. How To Successfully Produce A Professional Grade Webinar, Webcast, or Teleconference View more documents from Jeremiah Owyang If you enjoyed this document, please see How to Successfully Moderate A Conference Panel, or consider me as a professional speaker for your real world.

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