The Change Description Impacts

Facebook launched a feature that aggregates content from Wikipedia and public wall posts from users This has created confusion among users as . In conclusion, many iterations of a single brand may spread from ‘official’ Facebook pages to now community pages. (see example from Arbor Day) Additionally. This causes angst among brands who were told to invest. Facebook struggles with being public. So their strategy is to aggregate the public web into Facebook. Yet expect brands to revaluate spending time . In conclusion, and money in Facebook as trust has been broken.

Aggregation of Wall

Comments Content from users public wall posts may be aggregated to Community Pages. However users may not: 1) Know the content is public. It’s being aggregated out of context There are a few embarrassing examples of people’s content who are being aggregated. In conclusion, such as “My Stupid Boss” as well as content being aggregated Argentina WhatsApp Number List on Community Pages that are not contextually relevant. A search powerplay for Facebook. Facebook’s betting on more public content by aggregating existing content. Which in the long run will influence brands to come to Facebook as SEO scores increase.

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Wikipedia Aggregation

Wikipedia content about any topic (including that of a brand) is now being fed into Facebook Community Pages Less control for brands. Brands already struggle with updating and keeping accurate their Wikipedia pages. Now India Email List the content will be spread to more locations. There appears to be a nod that Facebook will allow this content to someday be community edited. To be successful, brands must keep their Wikipedia . Therefore, pages fresh and accurate. Expect savvy brands to ignite their advocates to manage this as Wikipedians have a general disdain against brands. Logo Usage Facebook Community.

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