delete a Twitter account? «Step by step tutorial

delete a Twitter, If you are already clear that you want to stop being a regular user of this social platform. The time has come to start the process. But at this point. You should know that being able to delete your Twitter profile depends on the device from which you are connected. Since the steps to follow differ whether you are on a computer (PC or Mac) or a mobile device or tablet. First we will see how to do it from a computer (“deskop version”): 1. Enter the Web As you may be imagining. The first thing you have to do is log in with your credentials (username and password). Once inside. At the top right you will see your avatar or. In other words the thumbnail of your profile photo . Right-click to open the drop-down menu. In principle. You will already be in the Account section.

Enter the Web

delete a Twitter, Confirm that you want to permanently delete your. Twitter account You’ll be taken to the next screen. Where job function email list the platform gets sentimental to ask you if the goodbye is final. Here you are informed. Among other things: If you have deactivated your account by mistake. You have a period of 30 days (1 month) to log back into it. Only by entering. You will cut this “countdown”. Information that even if you delete it. It is likely that your user data will continue to be indexed on Google for a longer time. Notice that to use the same user name on the platform You must change it before deactivating it. This way it will be free for other people or for you. In case you want to create a Twitter account in the future. Likewise. You are also informed that you can proceed.

Select settings and privacy

In principle a computer and a mobile phone depending on whether. You intend to delete your Twitter from one device or another) with Phone Number AU an Internet connection . What you should know is that this task is very simple as long as you do it correctly. As you have seen in the previous tutorial. In many cases. It is decided to deactivate an account and not delete it. If what you want is to erase your tracks forever. You know from now on that you will have to be a little patient and wait 30 days . This will be the period that the social network gives you in case you changed your mind and want to continue enjoying your personal or professional profile. If this is a corporate account. Make sure before starting this process that your superiors agree.

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