WALL celebrates its anniversary creating a new platform focused on customer needs

WALL celebrates  IWALL celebrates its 10th anniversary surrounded by agencies and clients, in a warm and familiar environment, in the emblematic Luchana Theaters in Madrid and with a very special guest, Andy Stalman, one of the best branding experts in the world. Jordi Alba, CEO of IWALL , under the umbrella of the Redefining concept, takes stock of all these years and talks to us about the new way of consuming media and the new communication needs of brands due to the excess of advertising impacts. In the rapidly expanding shopping center environment, an increasing number of customers find in them a different, integrated and multi-channel experience.

Andy Stalman

from Totem Branding , emphasized precisely that the 21st century customer no longer seeks to buy products, but rather consume experiences and be part of the brands’ history. Physical Iraq WhatsApp Number Data space is more alive than ever, because the experiences are what really remain. New audience-based model The context, the moment and the behavior are increasingly relevant, providing better knowledge of the audience, helping agencies to better plan their campaigns and measure their return . The new IWALL AUDIENCE platform allows the client to plan and program their campaigns by segmenting them based on geographic, demographic and socioeconomic variables, based on the target they wish to reach , generating a much more qualified impact .

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In this way

we also approach the contracting formulas of the online world and impact purchasing becomes possible. Guests were able to interact with various iwalls as part of the event India Telegram Number experience. One of them showed the operation of the audience tool, detecting in real time the profile of the person who was in front of the screen, showing their gender and age range. On another iwall, once the camera detected the person, a 3D model could be seen from different perspectives and even moved with your hand using augmented reality. To culminate the presentation and celebration of the 10th anniversary, all the guests collaborated in extinguishing the candles on the virtual cake that appeared on the screen, by connecting in real time through their smartphones.

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