Creativity technology and purpose: the new paths for brands at c de c 2019

Creativity technology , innovation and top-level professionals. These are the ingredients of c de c 2019 , one of the most consolidated advertising festivals on the national scene that these days celebrates a new event in San Sebastián. This year, under the motto “Looking for new paths” , the advertising industry congress, co-organized by the Creative Club and Facebook, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and does so in style with an intense program that does not. he wanted to get lost. For this reason, we have moved to San Sebastian to soak up all the reflection and learning that top-level speakers have offered throughout the first day and, of course, send it to you live.

The environment

In this sense, although has obviously changed, there is something that, for Henkes, remains and will remain: the value of creativity. «You have to take the risk of being India Telegram Number Data different» The president of the Creative Club has claimed the important role of ideas in communication as a way to better connect with the client. «Whoever believes that creativity is less important than the medium is wrong. If there is no quality in creativity, all the previous investment is worthless. “A good communication idea can lead a brand to incredible success,” said Henkes, who also encourages the industry to take risks as a way of differentiating. “You have to take the risk of being different.

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Protagonist in the presentation

However, the speaker has also highlighted the need to question technology that has become almost a religion, focusing on its usefulness to take advantage of all the Egypt Telegram Number possibilities it offers. “Let’s not let technology prevent us from seeing the forest,” he concluded. Technology has also been the by Álvaro Bermúdez, Mindshare invention partner , and Jorge Morata, director of innovation and content at Mindshare Spain, although as an enhancer of creativity in voice assistants. This technology, recently arrived, is still taking its first steps but Morata affirms that it is just the tip of the iceberg that will transform the way in which brands and consumers relate.

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