3 trends in creative strategies to learn from the best campaigns in the world

3 trends WARC has launched « Creative 100 – Lessons from the best campaigns in the world «, a study of trends in creative strategies through the analysis of the campaigns included in the WARC Creative 100 ranking , as well as a compilation of ideas and opinions from creators of these award-winning ideas. Report author Amy Rodgers, research editor, said: “We’ve taken a deep dive into the Creative 100 rankings to provide learnings from creative successes that will inspire and guide the path to greater creativity.” In this way, the study has brought to light three key trends that emerge from these campaigns. 1. A new approach to campaign purposes The purposes that drive the entire creative strategy have evolved in recent times.

Several brands included

In this year’s Creative 100 evolved the purpose of their messages. Therefore, focusing on raising awareness and even encouraging consumers to change their behavior. A clear example Korea WhatsApp Number Data is the Palau Pledge campaign, which created an immigration policy for the island of Palau to protect the nation from environmental damage. Therefore, alex Grieve, Executive Creative Director at AMV BBDO, says: “What’s interesting about the evolution of purpose towards behavior change is that it reflects a broader trend in marketing. Therefore, asking people to affect change, brands have realized that they must change too .

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An example is Burger King

which dressed its customers as clowns in a campaign that alluded to the mascot of its competitor, Ronald McDonald. Skittles chose a superfan as the star of its Superbowl Japan Telegram Number campaign and Marmite asked its customers to take a DNA test. Therefore, martin beverley, Chief Strategy Officer at adam & eveDDB, comments: “Many of the ideas in the WARC Creative 100 are not just advertisements, they are acts, designed to impact popular culture and make an impact on the real world.” 3. Creativity through experience Campaigns are not only intended for a single channel. Brands have known how to take advantage of each channel to get the most out of it and increase interaction with consumers by creating experiences.

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