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Over the years our website for the latest information and updates relate to grants. Do you have any questions? We encourage you to contact. Us by filling out the form available on our website. A plant is define as a production unit, so the creation of a new plant. Is not tantamount to a simple expansion technically relate to an existing plant. Increasing the production capacity of an existing plant should be as an expansion of an exist plant. This may be done, for example, by launching another production. Line for the same product or at least one new one.

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When increasing capacity, the production process is not fundamentally change. Diversification of a plant’s production by introducing products or services not yet Photo Retouching produce or provide by that plant involves extending the product offer with a product that has not been produce in the plant before. However, this does not include minor changes and minor product innovations such as changes in appearance or style. Diversification may involve, for example, producing a new robot model with several new features, such as components, range of options or interior finish.

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A fundamental change in the overall production process of an existing plant is understood as a change in the entire production process and should be relate to it, and not to the product itself. The change should be fundamental, which excludes the mere replacement Phone Number AU of individual assets without fundamental changes in the production process. Demonstrating a fundamental change in the case of large enterprises requires exceeding the minimum threshold establish by law for the value of eligible costs, which must the costs of depreciation of assets relate to the activity subject to modernization over the previous financial years.

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