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You can take a look at these 280 professionals leading the charge at their corporation. For a few years now, I’ve been managing the list of Corporate Social Strategists at large corporations (over 1000 employees, and on the buyer side). Part of my passion from being in this role at Hitachi a few years ago, has lead me to conducting in depth research on the future of this role, the Corporate Social Strategist (persona, title, degree, background, challenges, goals, teamcount, budgets). Since then, I’ve been making regular updates on the weekends when I can find time, and wanted to post a few stats.

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Coveted role, and growing. When I first published the list on Jan 7, 2011, there were 161 Corporate Social Strategists. Today on March 20th, the list is now 280 members (growing 73% since Jan), and the submissions continue El Salvador Phone Number List to come in. I’m not suggesting the roles are being hired between Jan and March, but likely the awareness of the list. Technology companies lead the pack, at 37% of list. No surprise, but tech companies are the first to adopt new technologies. In fact, by my count, both the hardware and software groups (I had to seperate them out as they are so large) account for 104 of the strategists.

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This early adopter market

Has tended to be the first group out of the gate, with many of them being B2B. Don’t discount regulated industries, which comprises Germany Phone Number List of 20% of the list. A growing 57 members of the list are in the regulated space, which I accounted as: energy, financial, insurance, health and life sciences, and government. One could argue that automotive would fit this bill too, but I didn’t account for that. In fact this role becomes incredibly important for regulated industries who need safe measures in place as they are under immediate scrutiny. In fact, as I argued in my recent post about Social Media Management Systems.


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