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 But doesn’t an empty bus driving away also consume fuel? Multiply this expense by all the buses that leave empty and you will have a figure that could become significant, and, consequently, represent a loss for the company. It is likely, therefore, that this strange dynamic of the buses leaving empty in front of an impatient crowd is ultimately a maneuver dictat by ineffectiveness, and therefore as absurd as perhaps the attempt to explain it is. kafka in the metropolitan Perhaps some (or many) of the people who suffer from this ritual of Peruvian transportation will explain this situation like this and also question it by putting forward that speculation about the uselessness of that suppos saving of fuel and money.

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 And even if they suddenly experience a desire to raise their protest with the body in charge of receiving complaints (a fad telephone number sometimes print in some corner of some buses, which can be call for these purposes, and which, I suspect, does not turns out to be precisely efficient), many do not know who to contact in person so that the complaint made about this fact receives real attention. Perhaps some users do know where to go (and notice how the route follow to obtain a response becomes more complicat), but the business lead suspicion arises (I can almost guarantee it) that the claim will be fruitless, it is suspect that the people in charge will offer us trite answers: that there are no buses, that the demand is excessive, in short, that we will try to evaluate the issue to find a solution, which in the end will only mean dragging out the issue.

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 For those same people are part of a machinery erect to make money – yes, above all, to make money – from which they receive their salary, to which, for this very reason, they are oblig to demonstrate that they are efficient and in relation to which they do not know very well what faces are behind it, at the top of managerial management. What I am Phone Number AU referring to (and here is where the Kafkaesque experience begins to condense) is the feeling of helplessness in which the user generally submerges himself in the face of the deaf fate that surely awaits his claims, the dark and perhaps indefinite premonition about that no one will give you a clear explanation about the real cause of such an irrational situation.

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