Content builds that company’s online

we call a “sales machine” — where evolution occurs naturally, transforming leads into customers, and customers into fans! Guilherme de Bortoli, CEO of Orgânica “ Inbound Marketing is a way to attract customers without being a boring company —Content builds  the kind that calls people in an unexpect and invasive way, that only talks about product prices, that keeps talking to people who don’t want to talk to them.

What we call digital transformation

On the contrary: in Inbound Marketing, the company helps potential customers through content and, from there, starts a relationship with them — Content builds being even more relevant, adding even more value so that they themselves take the first step to buy from company.” Guilherme de Bortoli CEO – Organic new database Digital In all these years working with Digital Marketing (more than 20!), I have seen that many companies decide not to hire an entire marketing team , either because.

Channels transforms that company digitally


They are still too small; They have financial limitations; They simply don’t want to outsource their activities. Thus, they end up acting in an unstructur way, using different digital tools and generating a lot of confusion without results ! Meanwhile, other companies want to focus on their area of ​​operation and outsource everything outside of it. relationships and your brand gains cribility in the market, becoming a reference ! The most important thing here is to be able Phone Number AU to convey value and, if possible, generate leads to maintain communication later.

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