Consumers Trust Friends, Brands and Independents

Not just gut instinct. Lately, this data from eMarketer (thanks Scott Monty) has been floating around the web, and I want to add my own thoughts. Having conducted similar trust research, or seen the data from others, much of this is confirmation to what we already know. I do however want to provide my additional insights to how I interpret the findings. Trusted Sources (eMarketer) Further Analysis: Sources of Information Users Trust Tally: People Trust People They Know: you know clearly indicate that consumers trust brand far less, but more so from people that they don’t know.

When I was at Forrester

Similar research was launched, showing that blog posts (often by people you don’t know) weren’t as trusted. This data shows that blog post (item 1) from people you do know show a higher degree of trust. Item 2 and 3 also show upticks in trust increasing from people you know. I added up the positive trust (trust completely and trust somewhat) to aggregate sources of trust, you can see that eMarketer also segmented it the Nigeria WhatsApp Number List same, here’s my tally: Friend: Blog Posts from those you know Positive is 64% Friend: Posts by friends in Facebook = Positive is also 64% Friend: Tweets from friends.

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Positive is 45% Brand.

Blog posts by a brand = Positive is 36% Brand:Posts by a brand in Facebook that you follow = Positive is 41% Independent: Fellow community member = Positive is 37% Brand: Brand product in a community = Positive is 32% Brand India Phone Number List Brand Twitter stream = Positive is 26% Independent: Blog by independent blogger (I assume that’s someone you don’t know) = Positive is 25% Independent:Tweets from independent blogger (likely not someone you know) = Positive 21% Tally: Trust Highest with Friends, followed by Brands then Independents Trust is highest with people you actually know.

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