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Highlight an idea or summarise the content. Making the content more palatable using a graphic is one of the first things that comes to mind when I think about how to make the article better for the reader. Either a visual representation of the main ideas or a summary of them. Users find reading to be simpler thanks to it, and it is quite valuable. Additionally, I’ve observed an immediate increase in my articles’ rankings after including a good image or infographic on the page. Summaries similar to how people find it difficult to consume images, google searchers typically aren’t seeking for novels when they enter a query. Users gain a lot of value from summaries I add to my articles at the top of the page since they can quickly scan the highlights in bullet points and find the rest of the piece easier to read. Formatting by using the right formatting, you can also make your text easier to scan.

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Imagine trying to read a 2,000 word paragraph; you definitely wouldn’t even begin. You would have a much simpler time reading and understanding the content if the post was formatted with proper headings, bullet points, lists, etc. Keep an outline or skeleton Marketing Directors Email Lists format in mind for how you might make it easy for the reader to understand. Additionally, this makes it simpler for google to comprehend and maybe include in a snippet. Headlines it can be quite difficult to stand out on the internet because there is so much free and quality stuff available. Although I’ve never been a fan of clickbait (bad for users), having strong headlines for your posts is imperative. Are you more inclined to click on “Best excel tricks” or “5 excel tricks that helped me keep my job” when looking for excel tips? The quality of your headline should mirror that of the body copy. The next “Best xyz”.

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The Link Quality vs. Quantity Debate

Headline won’t be clicked on because there are already a thousand of phone number au those. Get imaginative and original. Write for engine although writing for the users is essential, we also need to show the search engines some love. Metadata around the web sponsored old camera found in the deep ocean reveals unseen titanic photos old camera found in the deep ocean reveals unseen titanic photos lolwot here is where metadata is useful. Metadata is a crucial component of content optimization for search engines. The page’s meta title, meta description, and meta keywords (ignore these for the time being) are all considered metadata. When a person opens the website, the title is different from the meta title that shows up in google. By including our goal keywords in the meta titles and.

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