Commonwealth Bank Phone Number
Commonwealth Bank Phone Number
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Commonwealth Bank Overview

Commonwealth Bank Australia is a leading provider of integrated financial services in Australia.  It is one of the most recognised banks in the financial industry in Australia. The vision of the institution is to excel at securing and enhancing the financial well-being of people.

The Commonwealth Bank commenced operations in 1912 under the Commonwealth Bank Act in 1911, which was an act to establish a government bank for the newly formed Australian nation. In the succeeding decades, many established banks were amalgamated with Commonwealth Bank, such as the State Bank of Victoria (1990) and the Rural Bank in 2000.

Commbank has a shareholder base of 800,000, with 81.3% of Australian staff being shareholders.  Most recent dividend per share is $1.99, which was a 1 cent increase from the previous period.

Commbank is included in the Morgan Stanley Capital Global Index and is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Commonwealth Bank regards itself for having three strategic strengths, which are brand, scale, and diversified business mix.

Out of all Australian banks, Commonwealth bank has one of the strongest domestic presence, with the largest base of customers and has the largest financial distribution network, with the most number of access points.  Commbank has over 1,100 branches and over 4,300 ATMs in Australia. It also supports 200,000 EFTPOS terminals.

The Commonwealth Bank group is the first Australian bank to go real time, actually one of the very first in the world. It serves more than 4.6 million active online customers.  It is also Australia’s leading home loan provider, with almost two million customers.

The Commonwealth Bank Group is also present in the international arena, with retail banks in New Zealand and Indonesia, Vietnam, and China.  It also has life insurance operation in New Zealand, China, and Indonesia.  Commbank also has branches in major cities in the world such as London, New York, Mumbai, Ho Chi Minh, Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Auckland.

Commbank has five customer-facing business divisions: Retail Banking Services, Business and Private Banking, Institutional Banking and Markets, Wealth Management, and International Financial Services. The Bank also has five support divisions which include Financial Services, Risk Management, Enterprise Services, Human Resources, and Group Corporate affairs.

It strives to create a diverse work environment and flexible work options for its 52,000 workforces.  Almost 60% of Commbank’s staff is comprised of women.  Some flexible work options that Commbank provides for their staff such as parental leave, study leave, and career breaks.

Commonwealth Bank Customer Service

Commbank offers a full suite of integrated financial services, which includes premium banking, business banking, retail banking, institutional banking, funds management, insurance, investment, superannuation, and sharebroking products and services.

Commonwealth Bank has a comprehensive list of banking services to serve their customers.  Part of Commonwealth Bank customer service is to provide retail banking needs such as home loans, credit cards, personal loans, transaction accounts, demand and term deposits. Commbank is one of Australia’s leading credit card issuers.  

Commbank’s retail banking services deliver customised service for customers seeking affordable and simple banking services. Personal banking products include bank accounts, credit cards, personal loans, home loans, insurance, superannuation, and financial planning.

Customers have their own choice of bank accounts: NetBank Saver, GoalSaver, and Term Deposit accounts. The NetBank Saver account is an online savings account that is very flexible.  It allows money to be moved in and out of a linked CommBank transaction account using the CommBank app. The GoalSaver savings account allows customers to save regularly and earn a competitive bonus rate. Customers earn a bonus interest rate when they deposit at least $200 and make no withdrawals in the calendar month. CommBank accounts have great features such as competitive introductory rates and no bank fees, 24/7 instant transfers, and tools to help customers save.  To open a NetBank Saver and GoalSaver savings account, no minimum balance is needed.  Term deposits start at $5,000 investment.  These savings accounts offer customers the flexibility they need.  In case they want instant transfers or access their money, customers have an account that suits their needs.  

NetBank is the online banking facility of the Commonwealth Bank.  It is Australia’s number one online bank, winning Canstar’s Online Banking Bank of the Year.  It is convenient and provides 100% security guarantee for its customers. Commbank also provides its customers with its award-winning mobile banking facility.

Business and Private Banking oversees the bank’s small and medium enterprise customers.  Business and Private Banking also serves regional and agribusiness customers. The Institutional Banking and Markets division of Commbank oversees its government clients, major corporations, and institutional investors. Their products include capital raising and transactional and risk management products and services.

The Commonwealth Bank Group also provides services to governments, corporations, and other institutions in Australasia and the Pacific. Corporate customers of Commbank are able to access a whole range of financial markets services, distribution, trading, securities, corporate finance, equities, payments and transactions services, investment management, and custody services.

The Commonwealth Bank Group is also a full financial services provider, also offering investment products and superannuation.  The Group is one of the largest managers of Australian funds, handling a diverse range of wholesale and retail clients.

The Commbank Group also offers its customers a complete range of life insurance products, superannuation, retirement income, and general insurance products.

Commbank is also a big supporter of the community, with particular emphasis in the areas of education, youth, medical, technology, the arts and the environment.


Commbank customer support includes convenient 24-hour access to telephone banking, and it has an extensive ATM network and EFTPOS system.  It leads the market in online financial services with the Group’s internet banking site, NetBank.

Commonwealth Bank Contact Number

Here is a list of Commonwealth Bank of Australia contact numbers, email addresses and other details:

Personal Banking
General enquiries

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

13 22 21

+61 2 9999 3283 (calling from overseas)

24 hours a day
CommBank Awards13 16 61From 8 AM to 8 PM (Monday to Friday, Sydney/Melbourne Time)
Financial hardship1300 720 814From 8 AM to 9 PM (Monday to Friday and 9 AM to 2 PM, Saturday, Sydney/Melbourne Time)
Estate Settlement and Support1800 686 153From 8:30 AM – 5 PM, Monday to Friday, Sydney/Melbourne Time)
Colonial First State13 1336From 8 AM to 7 PM, Monday to Friday, Sydney/Melbourne Time)
Business Banking
General Enquiries13 199824 hours a day
Merchant Services1800 230 177 for existing merchant customers

1800 730 554 for merchant application enquiries

24 hours a day

8 AM – 6 PM (Sydney/Melbourne Time)

Agribusiness1300 772 968

1300 654 133 (International Business)

24 hours a day

8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Sydney/Melbourne Time

Car & Equipment Finance

General Enquiries

1800 277 38724 hours a day
Business Credit Cards13 22 21

Business Awards credit cards

13 15 76

All other Business credit cards, including Corporate cards

24 hours a day
Online Banking13 2339

CommBiz general enquiries

+61 13 2339

International callers

24 hours a day
CommBiz Markets1300 222 339

Market General enquiries

+6 12 8055 4105


8 AM to 6 PM

Monday to Friday

Sydney/Melbourne time

Annuities1800 624 100From 8:30 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday

Sydney/Melbourne time

Credit Card Insurance13 3982

+61 2 9115 0004

(from overseas)

From 8 AM to 8 PM

Monday to Friday

Sydney/Melbourne time

Home and Car Insurance13 24 23

+61 2 9633 9391

(from overseas)

From 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday to Friday

From 8 AM to 5 PM Saturday

From 8 AM to 5 PM (claims only)

Sydney/Melbourne Time)  

Investment Growth Bond1800 624 100From 8:30 AM – 6 PM

Monday to Friday

Sydney/Melbourne Time

Life Insurance13 1056

+61 2 9115 0004

(calling from overseas)

From 8 AM – 8 PM

Monday to Friday

Sydney/Melbourne Time

Loan Protection Insurance13 3982

+61 2 9115 0004

(calling from overseas)

From 8 AM – 8 PM

Monday to Friday

Sydney/Melbourne Time

Mortgage Protection1 800 617 980
Simple Life13 3982

+61 2 9115 0004

(calling from overseas)

General Enquiries13 1519

+61 2 9115 1417

(calling from overseas)

From 8 AM – 7 PM

Monday to Friday

Sydney/Melbourne time

International Securities1300 361 170

+61 2 9115 1531

(from overseas)

24 hours US trading days

Commonwealth Bank Phone Number

Commonwealth Bank Phone Number

Aside from CommBank phone numbers, customers can go to the website and search for popular question topics and get common answers to these questions. There are also community topics that have online chats where customers can join in.  Some of the common community topics are Everyday Banking, Savings, NetBank, Cards, Mobile, Business Banking, Insurance, Merchant Services, Super and Retirement, and Cards.

Customers can also log on to NetBank and other online services for support, and online support for lost, stolen or damaged the card. There is also online support for activating the card and choosing a PIN.

Commonwealth Bank also has social media accounts that help customers reach them better.  Follow @CommBank on Twitter for the latest news, offers, and support.

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