A toilet icon contest invites you to raise awareness about colorectal cancer

March is colorectal cancer awareness month , ending on March 31 with World Cancer Day. For this reason, the Merck Health Foundation A toilet icon with the collaboration of the science and technology company Merck, has launched the “Icons Against Colon Cancer” photo contest on its social networks. A toilet icon In order to increase the population’s awareness of this disease. disease. Colorectal cancer has 1,800,977 new cases diagnosed each year. Accounting for 10.6% of all cancer cases in the world, according to data from the World Cancer Research Fund in 2018. In Spain. The Spanish Society of Medical Oncology ( SEOM) predicts that in 2019 it will be the most diagnosed, with 44,937 tumors. However, it is the fourth best-known cancer, and it is necessary to raise awareness about this type of tumor. Since 60% of deaths caused by this cancer could be prevented with a simple screening test.

The photo contest

Will be active until March 28 on Instagram , you can participate by sharing one or more photos of bathroom door icons or posters on your account with the hashtag Denmark Email List IconsContraElCáncerDeColon , tagging two people who are invited to participate in the challenge. Thus, the three most original WC poster photos will be selected. The reason for choosing the bathroom icons is that one of the symptoms of colorectal cancer is blood in the stool. That is why stool analysis is used as a first test when the disease is suspected. Followed by a colonoscopy . All images participating in the contest can be seen on the website where information about the disease will appear. Zoom Marcas, the annual meeting organized.

Email Data

A toilet icon Audiovisual Cluster of Catalonia

Closes its sixth edition by putting new audiences at the center of the conversation and reflecting on how to connect with the new generations: Millennials and Italy Phone Number List Generation Z. Zoom Marcas has had the collaboration of the Marketing Club of Barcelona. The Association of Communication Directors Dircom . Therefore , Promotion of National Work, where the new edition was held. With the opening of its president Josep Sánchez Llibre . The event brought together advertising professionals, senior communication officials and prominent agents of the audiovisual sector in Catalonia. This edition has focused on a new consumer profile . Therefore , a generation prone to little commitment and who lives outside the solid structures of advertising . And, as they were defined at the beginning of the session.

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