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You can create up to 100 pixels with your meta business manager account. Increase security on your account one of the advantages of using meta business manager is that it offers extra security for all of your business assets. From the business manager dashboard. Click business settings. In the left menu. Click security center. Meta business manager allows you to select mandatory security settings. On this screen. You can choose to require two-factor authentication from your page admins. Set up two-factor authentication. Setting it as requir for everyone offers the highest security. How to create your first campaign in meta business manager now that your account is set up and your pixels are in place.

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It’s time to launch your first facebook ad. Place your first ad. We’ve got a full guide that explains the strategy and specific details you ne to know to create compelling and effective facebook ads. So here. We’ll just walk you through the steps you ne to take to get an ad up and running in business manager. From your business manager dashboard. 

Click ads in the left column. The ads b2b email list overview in meta business manager. This screen shows an ads summary. Including spend. Reach. Post engagement. Link clicks. And page likes on paid campaigns run in the last 60 days. This will take you to your ads dashboard where you’ll see an overview of metrics from recent ads. To create a new ad.

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Click the blue create ad button in the top right corner. 3. Choose your goal. Target your audience. Set your budget and schule. And choose your specific ad types and placements. You also have the option to boost existing content or get personalized suggestions with automat ads. 

Follow our step-by-step instructions for Phone Number AU advertising on facebook to be sure you don’t miss a step. In the ads dashboard of business manager. You’ll have to select a goal for your ad campaign. You can choose from automat ads. A/b test. Boost an instagram post or reel. Increase subscribers. Increase website visitors. Or boost a post. 

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