The Comunica a agency wins Calvo’s account

Rubicon Project held the Summit Madrid 2019 at Espacio Como , where several experts, both from the company and other companies, presented the trends in programmatic and digital advertising that will mark the course of 2019. In the last presentation of the day, Beatriz Acebes , COO of IAB Spain , and Paula Ortíz, legal director of the company, addressed what are the trends that arise for the Spanish market from 2019 onwards, and what is the legal framework that affects programmatic. The Comunica ortiz concluded his presentation by calling for ethics , alluding that ” innovation and privacy can go hand in hand and make this sector much more sustainable.”

Among the novelties

Proposed by this regulation, those that most affect the digital advertising sector are those that have to do with data protection , addressed from Singapore Phone Number Data the field of design. In this context, Paula pointed out that users “have the feeling that advertising is invading their privacy , as happens when they talk about a topic and, immediately, an advertisement about it appears.” In this sense, Paula recalled that it is the responsibility of companies to explain to users the use they make of their data, but that they must also “inform them about how they are using free internet services.” IAB has created a transparency and consent framework in accordance with the GDPR In response to this problem, Paula pointed out that “the use of ad blockers has increased in Spain ,” since 26% of internet users already use them.

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IAB created the transparency

Ortiz explained that the and consent framework of IAB Europe and IAB tech lab, in accordance with the RGDP. The purpose of this Indonesia Phone Number List framework is, in the  words of the IAB legal director, that “all components of the advertising chain understand which parts have been approved by editors and which have been published and approved by users.” IAB For her part, Belén Acebes , COO of IAB Spain, presented the digital trends that will mark the Spanish market in 2019. Among them, Belén highlighted 5G technology , whose implementation.

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