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Once again, Group M has held its annual “Kick off” , an event that brought together 300 professionals from all Group M and WPP agencies in Spain at the Hotel Suites Mirasierra, along with other professionals in the sector, to talk about the current market trends and situation. Breaking with the usual, on this occasion, Group M has had the presence of a special guest who has little to do with the world of advertising, does he? Carlos Mascías, director of the Torrelodones University Hospital, has been in charge of making attendees aware of how closely related the advertising and healthcare sectors are , and how technology has completely revolutionized this sector. “Going to the doctor is not going to be the same, are we prepared for this change?” says this doctor.

Communication plays a primary role

Although it seems that doctors are untouchable, technology has also reached our sector,” and in this situation, there is only one option: transform. For Carlos, “a hospital Korea Email List is the place on the planet where there are the most emotions per second.” Along these lines, he also commented that the experiences that users live there are, for better or worse, unforgettable. In this sense, in which dealing with patients is essential. As a main point, Carlos pointed out that “it is important to differentiate between clients and patients .” Despite what most people tend to think, a patient is not a client, because he “would never choose to be there.” And for this reason, doctors have an enormous responsibility towards them, and must strive to have a more communicative relationship with their patients, in which empathy and respect prevail.

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The Torrelodones University Hospital

In different hospitals in the United States, they have already implemented this change in business model, and campaigns such as #Hellomynameis or Comunicate Heart Sweden Phone Number List have appeared , which have meant that these businesses grow and build a better brand image. Furthermore, another of the most important factors in any business model is teamwork. In this sense, Carlos has observed that his sector is one in which it is least encouraged. “In my life I have had a meeting in the same room with nurses, guards, etc., and this is vital,” he confesses, which Carlos directs, has also joined this change. The result? In just one year, this hospital has achieved 7.5% economic growth. But not only that, but the number of positive reviews from their patients has also increased, as well as recommendations.

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