Building the framework

Quora about this role has spread. Jan, 2011 Social Media with orgs does a wrapup of many of the voices in the space. eMarketer uses the data from this report in Jan 11 A respectful disagreement: Guy pleased that I: “don’t relegate the social media help desk” AMEX Open Forum: 7 Tips to be a Social Media Strategist (Based off keynote) Search Engine Watch spreads the highlights Fast Company. Writeup from Brian Solis on the research report and two careers Write Speak Sell’s Jeannette comments.

On the research

Cisco’s head of Social Media Jeannette Gibson: My 5 Takeaways from the Latest Altimeter Social Media Report Kevin Hunt of Thomson Reuters reviews the report Brian Solis and the two professionals Former Industry Analyst Gill Italy WhatsApp Number List Yehuda comments about the report, and on the research industry. He gave me feeedback pre-publication Jane Hiscock from Farland Group reflects on the research report, and adds a few more insights. Jive’s Gia Lyons writes: Social Business Strategists.

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Social Media vs. Enterprise 2.0

Petra Neiger, Social Strategist selects specific stats Edelman’s. David Armano reviews the report and gives his take. I was fortunate enough Vietnam Telegram Number to interview him. Dave Jones writes: Manager or leader? What’s the future of the corporate social strategist. Peter Kim from Dachis group gives some career advice. He was one of those we interviewed Read Write Web: Risk-takers and Strategists The Corporate Social Strategist Can’t Move Fast Enough. By Blake Landau Scott Monty, Ford’s Social Strategist who we interviewed says. To “read this” Brand Builder: Real numbers behind the marketing.

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