Build the entire purchase path

Listen to more about content production in the Act phase in episode 7 of our podcast . and you’ll get tips on how to find suitable content formats for your company and how to match your company’s brand and the content produc. In the convert phase. the most important task is always to get someone on the purchase path to convert into a customer.

Absolutely necessary to take

Therefore. in the videos of this stage. it is into account that the call b2b leads to action appears clearly to the viewer. Well-functioning Convert phase videos are. for example. testimonial videos that strengthen the relationship of trust. Take a look at an example of a well-construct testimonial video from our YouTube channel. In the engage phase. the possibilities of using videos are endless.

Teach the customer how

The video can be us to to use the product or service better. and with that they commit to Phone Number AU buying more products or services of the desir brand. Several studies have already conclud for years that acquiring a new customer is more expensive for a company than keeping an existing one. That’s why it makes sense to invest in the marketing of the Engage phase.

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