Brands With Conscience should brands position themselves on political and social issues

Hotwire has presented the report  leadership in the face of the new B2B2C consumer”, which addresses issues as important for brands as their preparation to act in the face of a political . Therefore ,  or social crisis that may affect their reputation. The world is unpredictable . Therefore , companies coexist every day with social and/or political changes that can affect their relationship with consumers. Under this reality, Hotwire has carried out a report to analyze . Therefore ,  what worries consumers and how brands deal with it. If you do not display the embedded video correctly, click here . According to the report, 86% of consumers take a brand’s values ​​into account in their purchasing habits.

Brands with social conscience

Nowadays it is quite difficult to choose between one product or another,” said Ludi García, director of Hotwire. And she adds that “ the consumer has gone from being a passive Philippines Telegram Number Data consumer to an active and even activist consumer. He has the tools to be able to boycott a brand.” In the B2B field, values ​​are also important. 89% of managers follow the values ​​when making purchases or doing business with another organization. For consumers in Spain, the issues on which they would like brands to take a position are sexual harassment, environmental protection and political corruption . At an international level, the environment is placed in first position. In the following graph we also see which are the issues that concern consumers the most according to the country.

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Being a consumer is not easy

Brands with a conscience Are brands prepared to position themselves? 84% of Spanish marketing and communication managers are concerned about the impact that a Russia Telegram Number crisis of political or social origin may have on their companies. At an international level the figure drops, since only 64% of these professionals are concerned. Although 90% claim to have a crisis plan, only 58% acknowledge that their plan is updated. In Spain, 6 out of 10 marketing and communication directors believe that their companies should position themselves on issues of social and/or political interest. In recent months, campaigns on sexual harassment and other social or political issues have been seen internationally, but the truth is that in Spain brands still hesitate to develop strategies to position themselves on these types of issues.

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