Second Opinion, the business diagnosis your brand needs

Having a second opinion when we face a problem is crucial, whatever the field. But when it comes to business difficulties , having a second opinion from experts in the field becomes essential. This is the reason that has led Agustín Medina, Juan Ramón Plana, Adrián Cordero and Christopher R. Smith , four independent professionals from the business sector, to Second Business Opinion , a council of experts that is at the service of companies to advise them on their business decisions. Second Business Opinion offers the different brands a business diagnosis and a series of strategic recommendations on their main business areas, to solve their main problems and get the most out of them.

To offer the best service

to their clients, partners travel to the companies to have a first contact and collect the briefing in person. After evaluating the company’s Japan Phone Number Data problems, they prepare a report by consensus with the diagnosis that they consider most appropriate, and which they then transfer back to the companies to present to them. In this way, an exchange of opinions is generated between the management teams of the companies and the Second Opinion experts on the business strategies applied by each company, in order to improve them. Each of the partners of Segunda Opinión is a leader in different business areas and has experience in managing companies at all levels.

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Agustín Medina founded his own company

La Banda de Agustín Medina , and has worked as creative director for international companies such as Norman and Craig & Kummel , and as international Thailand Phone Number List vice president at Foote and Cone & Belding. Adrín Cordero has extensive professional experience in the field of communication, holding management positions in companies in different sectors, such as Correos España , the PR consultancy Citigate Sanchís or “El Economista”. In addition, he has an enormous teaching activity behind him as a professor in Spanish business schools and universities. Juan Ramón Plana was director of the Spanish Association of Advertisers (aea) , to which he remains associated, for 18 years, which have provided him with a broad vision of both the commercial perspective and marketing and communication.

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