Contact phone customer service
Contact phone customer service
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Booking Customer Service General Queries +61(0)292559200
Booking Customer Service Booking Local (0) 282281535
Booking Customer Service Booking International +44 2033202609
Booking Customer Service Inquiry 1800058744
Booking Supplementary for General Support 00442033202609 Australia Overview is an online booking website started as a small start-up in Enschede in 1996, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and since 2005 owned and operated by the United States-based Priceline. It’s operations and calls centre is in Wyoming, makes sure that customers can easily reach them without any struggle. The priority is always given to the customers to make them feel that they are not just making a travel booking and building a relationship with the company. This way you can contact the customer service representatives in case you feel or find obstacles in booking.  The Phone number is available 24/7 to help their customers always. Phone Number 1800058744. Phone Number

The is a website where you can online book your tickets for accommodation. It was started in the year 1996 and has been offering its services to the millions of satisfied customers for more than 20 years. The number of properties that are spread across the globe is huge and per day reservations cross the thousand benchmark daily. It is essential that such a big company based online has a quick and responsive customer care service. Where the customers can reach the representatives in case they feel any issue or concern regarding their booking. This showcases the dedication and commitment of a company towards providing a better experience to its loyal customers. understands the need of the customers and has a team of experts ready to attend to the concerns of the customers. offers online accommodation booking. It claims to have over 700,000 properties globally under contract and that it deals with more than 900,000 room nights reservations per day. In 2013, it accounted for more than two-thirds of Priceline’s revenue. is available in more than 41 languages. You can find more on Phone number of the Australia office in the following passages of the article.

The customer service of a company is very significant and it builds a stronger relationship between the company and the customers. This helps to build a reputation in the market and spreads their trustworthiness among other customers as well. has support centres in different regions to cater to the need of the customers and allow them the ease to seek solutions to their problems from the experts. Customer Service & Phone number

A Customer Service is an integral part of a company and especially the ones which are based online. The customers don’t have much to do when they do not have the adequate information to contact a company in case they face any issue. Customer service ensures them that they are backed by a support team which will help them and assist them in case they have any concerns regarding their booking. Phone numbers, email address, and the office support centre are necessary to allow them the facility to reach out to the company in trouble. aims to provide the customers with the mode to register their issues with the representatives and reach them with any general query as well. This encourages the customers to trust their company and allow them to make their experience free from any headaches. B.V., registered in Amsterdam, provides an online accommodation reservation service. It is the owner, controller and manager of the website, Internationally, is supported by various local companies. The current headquarter of the company located in  Amsterdam, Netherlands. The CEO of the company is Darren R. Huston and the founder of the company was Geert-Jan Bruinsma. The parent organization of in

The company has got no regional corporate branch worldwide. But a number of support centres are located to provide online ticket booking service available globally. Among which, Australia is one of the most important international support centres.

The network in Australia is big and to make sure proper compliance with the needs of the customers they have two different branches located. The one branch is located in Sydney and another in Melbourne. The support centres are equipped with the customer assistance facilities. You can even post your queries to them or can visit the branches in case you need any customer support. The addresses are given below for your reference. The address is provided to allow you to even make queries or any other issue in-person with the support team at the designated offices. You can go to these support centres and get the solution to your problem. Australia has got two branches in Australia, located at – Sydney and Melbourne. The Sydney branch address is:

Level 34, MLC Centre,
19 Martin Place., Sydney,
NSW 2000, Australia

and the Melbourne branch address is

Level 23, 360 Collins Street,
Melbourne, Victoria 3000,
Australia. Phone number & Contacts


It is important for customers to have the correct contact details of to reach to the customer service. This way they can address their issue to the representative and get solution instantly in order to make their booking. You need to contact them by phone by using the phone number that is provided for the customers to call the Customer Service representatives. If you are calling the customer service for help and assistance from Australia only then call them on (0) 282281535. In case you are not in Australia and anywhere in the world then use +442033202609 to reach the customer service.


When you have the phone contact numbers with you then you can easily contact them. If you find any problem while booking or even have any query then call them on their support centre number and speak to the customer care agent at This way you can make sure that your booking gets confirmed and all the questions that you have to get solved as well. You need to travel with the proper information and to ensure that you have all the knowledge beforehand.

The phone number of the Support centre is +61 (0) 2 9255 9200 for both international and local callers and the fax phone number is +61 (0) 2 9255 9299.

Also, you can find the answers to frequently asked questions, call the 24/7 customer service agents online for Australia from the official web support centre at The official branch address of Australia can be found at

If you don’t feel like calling the customer service and have time to interact with the representative then you can use the email service. You can send your query to the designated email address and expect a reply from the team at the earliest. They will make sure that you get what you require and feel satisfied with the customer service. You can send your query to and wait for their reply. You will have to provide them with the correct information in order to allow them to make accurate research. This will guarantee that you get a solution to your problem with the booking or any other general query that may arise during the course of the booking.

In case you require more information about then you can use the social media links to find about them. You can see all the services that they have to offer and information related to accommodation as well. You can see the essential information of the company and post any queries that you may have. The team always encourages its customers to interact with the customer service representatives so they can always update themselves as per the requirement. Social media platforms are very important to reach the customers globally and provide them with the information they need to know regarding a company. It is a simple, transparent and cheap way to find any information that an individual may require prior to making any bookings.

In case you need to know the Frequently Asked Questions that you can click on this link provided below and you will be directed to their official website. There you can read all the FAQs and other informational queries as well. Phone number Support Tips Phone numbers are available for services for every day at the office hours. Remember these cases while contacting Phone number for Australia-
1. Never print or forget your confirmation again
2. Map the route to where you’re staying
3. Manage your booking on the go
4. Book last minute without a credit card! You can also contact Booking through this page

BOOKING Website Customer Service Contact Number

The first contact method is through their website. You can visit and find all the information as per your requirement. Not only the contact information but you can also see trending deals on accommodation and book them too. The website provides another contact method which is their online form. All you need to do is fill the form with all the details asked for and the support team will get in touch with you regarding your concern. This is the easiest way to get in touch with the support team.

BOOKING Customer Care Contact Number

If you’re looking for the Australian contact number then you can reach the customer care by calling on 02 8228 153. The support team also has a number of their overseas customer which is +44 203 320 2609. The customer care helplines are open 24×7 for the convenience of its customers. If you’re looking for the contact number of some other region, you can simply visit the contact us page on their website and search for your countries contact number. Phone Number

BOOKING Social Media Contact

Like any good company, contact information can also be found through their social media. Twitter and Facebook are two platforms where the teams are very active. If you are more of a social media person then just drop in a message on to the profiles of and they will reply to you within few minutes. The support team on social media is available from 9 am to 11 pm AEST, and are as professional and well versed as their other customer care teams. They can provide you with the best solutions to your problems and keep you updated on new deals and trends. You can also download their app from google play and use it to find all the information that you want. The main plus point of the mobile app is that you can use it on the go and perform all the same activities that you do on their website.

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