Behavioral Factors and Seo Optimization and Positioning

Optimization and positioning allow a website to achieve the highest possible ranking and visibility. Adapting to web robots is one thing, but communicating with users is a real challenge – especially through a computer or phone screen. User behavior can be tracked in this context with the help of a few elements.

The first is search intent. Search intent is the user’s motivation, which must be known in order to position the website. Here we enter the area of ​​marketing psychology to create a profile of audience behavior. SEO specialists have divided search intent into four basic types:

Keyword matching and click-through rates are other values ​​worth tracking. The better the word matching, the higher your ranking.

Off-site Factors the Following Are Important

At this point, you should characterize the target recipient, specify: gender, age, education, place of residence, job, interests, problems.

Their matching, click-through rate, can be checked in Google tools, but also in those Whatsapp Data used by SEO specialists: Ahrefs, Senuto, Semrush, Screaming Frog.

A website heat map will also be helpful. It is a data analysis tool that graphically presents the behavior of visitors to a given website. It uses a color spectrum known as warm-cold (where cold colors represent the zones that received the least attention and warm colors represented those that attracted the most attention from users.

Repeatability of Inputs This is About Recipients

Add the appropriate attribute
Links with the dofollow attribute redirect the power of one website to another. By posting dofollow links, you can be sure that Googlebot will verify a specific website.

The opposite is true of nofollow links, which play a smaller role Phone Number in the indexation process. Search engine bots do not include links marked with this attribute.

In practice, the situation is completely different, because Google robots recognize the essence of both nofollow and dofollow tags. This may come as quite a surprise to you, but nofollow links convey some trust to the linked site. Diversification of links taking into account attributes will cause different links to redirect to your website, which will help you break the monotony of operation.

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