Australia & New Zealand Banking contact
Australia & New Zealand Banking contact
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Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Opening Times


8 AM to 8 PM AEST


8 AM to 8 PM AEST


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Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Overview


Australia & New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) is one of the major companies in Australia and New Zealand.  The company’s major lines of business are financial services and international banking.  It is part of the top 50 banks in the world.  Its top business strategy is to become a superior bank in the region, which includes a growing presence within the Asia Pacific Region. ANZ’s long-term and distinct growth strategy include business in Asia, with the acquisition of RBS assets in Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Singapore and a business deal in China.

In Australia, it serves the commercial and retail and corporate & commercial banking sectors. It has more than 3,000 locations nationwide.  ANZ also has a Digital Banking Division, Group Operations and Services Division, Technology, Corporate Centre, Institutional, and Wealth Australia.

Aside from Australia and New Zealand, ANZ is present in about thirty nations worldwide, including UAE, China, UAE, Germany, France, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and South Pacific island nations Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, and much more.

The bank recently celebrated its 180th year and traces its history to George Kinnear, who established the Bank of Australasia in 1835. The Bank of Australasia endured and remained open despite major economic hurdles, depressions, and wars.

In 1951, the Union Bank of Australia merged with the Bank of Australasia to form ANZ Bank.  There was another merger in 1970 with English, Scottish and Australian Bank, becoming what it is today, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited.

In 2016, ANZ revised their Sustainability Framework, outlining three focus areas: sustainable growth, social and economic participation, and fair and responsible banking. Sustainable growth, for ANZ, creates opportunities for all customers and enables sustainable growth for individuals, business, and industry. Social and economic participation means that ANZ will build strong customer relationships by connecting with communities. Fair and responsible banking are done by earning customer trust.  ANZ maintains very high standards of conduct and understands the social and environmental impact of business decisions. According to ANZ, the three focus areas all working together shape a world where people and communities thrive.


Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Customer Service


ANZ customer service is based on their customer focus commitments which are: (a) a deep understanding of customer needs; (b) resources, agribusiness, and infrastructure; (c) trade and investment flows; and (d) migration, people flow, and education. Their focus is improving customer experience and building trust by offering a banking experience that is easy to understand and delivered in a responsible manner, built on integrity. ANZ employs responsible business lending by integrating social and environmental considerations into business decisions, products, and services.

In 2008, in a bid to better serve their customers, ANZ went digital and launched “Go Money”, their banking app. In 2013, it reached one million customers. Over the past years, the entire banking group has a 51,000-strong workforce serving its ten million customers worldwide.

The ANZ Access Advantage is ANZ’s flagship account, which only takes 10 minutes to apply online.  It has great features and benefits such as the ANZ Access Visa Debit card where account holders can use their own money online, no monthly account service fee, and unlimited ANZ transactions with security features that give customers peace of mind.  

ANZ Internet Banking and ANZ goMoney transactions all have encrypted data, and ANZ Falcon is used to providing round-the-clock monitoring of all suspicious transactions.  Customers will also not be liable for fraudulent transactions with ANZ Fraud Money Back Guarantee.  This means that customers will be reimbursed for unauthorised transactions. ANZ Shield, a mobile app that gives extra security, allows customers to generate an ANZ Shield code in order to make larger payments online and instantly update their banking profile.

The ANZ Access Advantage account also features new ways to pay such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and ANZ Mobile Pay.

ANZ customer care is exemplary, as evidenced by their list of simple and secure digital banking tools. First off, customers can pay with their iPhone, Apple watch or Android phone with their eligible ANZ cards. No wallet is required with this tool. Customers will just wake their phone, place it near a contactless terminal, and then it’s done. This is a secure transaction as the card number is never shared with the merchant.

Next, ANZ goMoney allows customers to manage their money on the go with this everyday banking app.  Customers are able to check their balances, transfer between linked accounts, and pay just about anybody using their mobile number. ANZ goMoney allows easy and secure Internet banking, send and receive mobile payments and easy banking and quick transfers. This app is getting rave reviews from both Android and Apple users.

Lastly, ANZ Internet banking allows customers to have a consistent experience across all eligible devices. Customers can enter payment details in seconds and they can also do flexible business banking with a wider range of payments, authorisations and self-service on mobile devices. ANZ Internet banking has great features such as an opportunity to change perspectives and easy navigation.

For lost and stolen cards, ANZ has the customer’s convenience in mind.  They have developed a way to securely replace their stolen or lost credit or debit card directly to their phones.  Just call their hotline numbers, and the card will be replaced with the customer’s phone. The phone will be updated with card details, and customers are assured that their money is protected.

The ANZ Access Advantage account has no monthly account service fee if customers deposit at least $2,000 a month.

ANZ Online Saver has bonus interest for new customers for three months, and no monthly account service fee. Getting this account provides customers flexible ways to save because it gives account holders the flexibility to access their savings. This day-to-day account lets them access their savings online at any given time.

The BPAY facility allows customers to pay most bills, including their credit card bills, more efficiently and easily.  BPAY View allows customers to view their bills as well.

ANZ also offers other savings accounts such as ANZ Progress Saver and the ANZ Premium Cash Management Account.

ANZ has a range of credit cards on offer with various reward points, annual fees, and interest rates.  Credit card choices are ANZ Rewards Black, ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures, ANZ Rewards Platinum, and ANZ Rewards.

ANZ also offers Financial Hardship assistance that is geared towards self-help financial management.  Applying for assistance is done in three easy steps. The first step is researching options, the second step is preparing an overview of the current financial situation, and the final step is to contact ANZ and applying online.

ANZ serves small businesses by offering everyday accounts, finance, and other solutions. ANZ also assists the agribusiness sector by offering specialist banking advice, investment, and finance.

ANZ serves the corporate sector by offering access to industry specialists, research, and access to global markets.  Other products and services for the corporate market are financing, transaction services, investing, risk management, international services and FX, and insurance and superannuation.

Australia & New Zealand Banking contact

ANZ Contact Number

ANZ world headquarters is located at 833 Collins Street, Docklands, Melbourne, Victoria 3008, Australia.

Contact ANZ Australia using these numbers:

ANZ Phone Number+61 39273 5555
ANZ Contact Australia for account-specific inquiries131314

+61 3 9683 9999 (from overseas)

ANZ Access Advantage account enquiries/new personal accounts1 800 008 177 (Monday to Friday 8 AM to 8 PM AEST)
ANZ Investor Relations+61 3 8654 7682
Personal Banking – Personal Loans Sales Enquiries and applications13 33 33


8 AM – 8 pm (AEST)

Car Loans13 22 07

Toll-free: 1300 365 652

ANZ Travel Card1800 094 003

International +6 13 9683 7777

Computershare Investor Services PTY LTD1800 11 33 99

+61 3 9415 4010 (International Callers)

Lost or Stolen CardWithin Australia: 1 800 033 844

From overseas: +61 3 8699 6955

Financial Hardship Assistance Application1800 252 845 9 AM to 6 PM AEST Monday to Friday
General Personal Loans enquiries/Business and Corporate Banking1800 801 485

Weekdays * AM to 8 PM (AEST)

General ANZ Secured Car Loans enquiries1300 365 652
Transaction Disputes13 13 14

+61 3 9683 9999 (from overseas)

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Hoax or suspicious e-mail13 33 50

+61 3 9683 8833 (from overseas

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Internet Banking enquiries13 33 50

+61 3 9683 8833 (from overseas)

Credit Card enquiries – Personal1300 366 255
Business Credit CardsNew Customers 1800 351 663

Existing Cardholders 1800 032 481

Financial Planning1800 641 593


8 AM to 8 PM (AEST)

Merchant ServicesNew Customers

1300 366 988

Weekdays 8:30 AM to 7 PM

Existing Customers

1800 039 025

Term Deposits1800 008 177 (new, rollovers and top-ups)

13 13 14 (Existing account holders)

+61 3 9683 9999 (international)


Contact ANZ Australia through email by using their online enquiry form.  Customers don’t need to worry about privacy because ANZ has a privacy policy that completely explains how ANZ handles personal information.  Customers just need to fill in the mandatory fields, select the subject, and type in the enquiry in 10,000 characters or less.

Contact Australia and New Zealand (ANZ)

ANZ makes it easier for customers to contact them. If customers need help in any form, their online help may help answer common questions.  Questions are categorized easily by bank accounts, credit cards, general, Internet banking, home loans, personal loans, mobile and ATMs, travel and FX, business banking, insurance, and investing and super.

ANZ also has an online enquiries form and online feedback form.  Customers can also connect with ANZ through their social media accounts: Facebook (ANZ Australia), YouTube (ANZ Australia), Twitter (@ANZ_AU), and LinkedIn (The ANZ Small Business Hub).

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