And interviewed over 50 professionals

Related Resources: Career Updates: Read the “On the Move” series where I’ve been tracking this role since 2007. Research Report: Read the full details of the report Career Path of the Social Strategist, which is embedded below, also see slides from my keynote presentation. Previous Lists: See the 2010 list of these Corporate Social Strategists and the original list from 2008, which is the primary data precursor for this list and based on a variety ofsubmissions in comments. Find out more about this role: Must read analysis by Marshall Kirkpatrick who did further data analysis on these professionals.

What an honor

To see him build additional twitter lists, find out how they positioned themselves, and also who they follow the most! Twitter List: Marshall has compiled and is keeping updated this list of strategists on Twitter. See this list Hungary Phone Number List of Vendor Social Strategists, which Niall is managing List of Corporate Social Strategists for 2011 Airline Brian Lusk – Manager, Online Relationships & Special Projects at Southwest Airlines Morgan Johnston – Manager Corporate Communication at JetBlue Airways Alma Dayawon – Electronic Communications Manager at The Boeing Company Bowen Payson.

Phone Number List

Manager of Online

Digital Marketing at Virgin America Automotive Kelly Colgan – Social Media Specialist at ADP Dealer Services Kim Snedaker – Social Media Manager at AAA Mid-Atlantic Scott Monty – Digital & Multimedia Communications France Telegram Number Manager at Ford Motor Company Gwen Peake – Global Digital Communications Manager at Ford Motor Company Michael Villar – Senior Marketing Manager at US Auto Parts Kimberley Gardiner, Manager Marketing, Toyota Motor Sales, USA Mary Henige, APR Director, Social Media & Digital Communications at General Motors Christopher Bretschger.

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