Role older than Methuselah but graduated “cum laude” in advertising effectiveness

Role older some, with the excuse of ubiquitous digitalization, may have wanted to relegate it to the background and even stab it with the sharp scythe (the one carried by the eternally lurking grim reaper), but traditional print advertising continues to be highly effective in the digital times that they run Zalando and other e-commerce companies such as Hawesko and Dreamlines recognize (and they do so with little lip service) that antediluvian paper is their best ally when it comes to connecting with their target audience. Both Zalando, Hawesko and Dreamlines treat their customers to high-quality printed magazines.

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On the other hand, print ads may not be worthy of the coveted clicks, but they are followed with great attention by those who kindly set Denmark WhatsApp Number Data their eyes on them . And such advertisements also manage to win back initially lost customers. Betting (and doing it with full hands) on printed advertising may seem paradoxical in the digital age, but it translates into very high dividends for those who choose to trust in the paper of a lifetime. This is the case, for example, of the shirt manufacturer Olymp, which in the last ten years has multiplied its turnover by three (to exceed 230 million euros) by betting (almost) everything on the .

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The Power of Print

Creatura Initiative in collaboration with the Multisense Brazil Telegram Number Institute for Sensory Marketing. According to the report, printed advertising (also including catalogues) constitutes up to 60% of the “communication mix” of companies in the retail industry. With approximately 30 million copies, IKEA is the most popular retailer in the catalog sector. And companies like Zalando or Airbnb, despite being pure digital “players”, publish their own magazines as a strategy to gain new customers and also lavish pampering on consumers who are already part of their clientele.

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