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Advantages and this situation, the employer bears the costs of the transfer fee. Examples of costs that are subject to compensation. The employer is entitl to reimbursement of money, among others: behind. Training a new employee or an employee entrust with replacing a job position previously occupi by. A reserve soldier or a Home Army soldier; the employees referr to in the above. Point have undergone occupational health and safety training, providing the employee with work clothes, footwear and personal protective equipment, fees for conducting mical or psychological examinations of an employee before taking up.

The assign Advantages and position

Employee insurance, which is relat to the specific nature of the profession perform, presenting an employment offer and conducting the qualification procure The costs should result from the source documents includ in the financial and accounting records kept philippines photo editor by the employer. The amount of severance pay paid to a WST soldier is includ in the costs calculat for the month in which the soldier first report for territorial rotational military service. Share with others: Up Previous article Benefit by way of exception – what is it and who is entitl to it? Next article Speculative bubble – what impact does it have on the economy? Clausisclaimer on ifirma.

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