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A space to twenty Years of Changes and Two Decades of Creativity, which will offer a double and parallel story about its own history and that of communication, through of various graphic and audiovisual content. On the other hand, and in parallel to the celebration of c de c 2019, an open and free talk on communication will take place in the Kursaal Chamber Hall on the afternoon of Thursday, March 28. Under the title “Drive as you think: the impact of technology on the creation process.

Other speakers In the following days

Other speakers and entities will also have space. More Creative Women, whose objective is to promote visibility and equal opportunities for women in Korea Telegram Number Data the sector, will be represented this year on the Kursaal stage by the five young creative women selected for 36 Hercios, an MMC initiative in collaboration with the creative consultancy PS21 and the Creative Club, which was created with the aim of helping women in the sector find their own voice. Those chosen are: Ana Lahera, art director of PS21, María Muñano, social media & branded content supervisor at La Despensa, Mireia Campos, branding & creative content copy, Xess Molina, art director at Twist Ideas, and Laura Colored, director art from 72andSunny Amsterdam.

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Attendees have to arrive determined to survive

Without contaminating the environment, but contaminating each other. Likewise, once again this year, the creative Ricardo Llavador will bring a touch of humor Iran Telegram Number to the contest with his intervention , which on this occasion will be titled “Conectina”, finally. And in the chapter dedicated to young people, the young talents selected this year by the graphic designer Wences Sanz for the Reset C section will also participate as speakers: Andrea Arqués, graphic designer, KolnStudio, Madrid graphic design studio, and Rogelio González, director Of video. 20th anniversary exhibition To celebrate the 20th anniversary, the c de c 2019 will have a commemorative exhibition.

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