“The customer is unfaithful by nature”: only 5.9% of consumers buy a single brand

The customer in this his morning, at EAE Business School, Mediapost presented the 1st Relationship Marketing Study in Spain. Which it carried out in collaboration with the Spanish Marketing Association . According to the report, almost half of the Spanish population alternates brands. Only 5.9% remains faithful to the same one, no matter what; This percentage is just half what it was two years ago. Consumers between 25 and 34 years old, the so-called millennials, are the most loyal to a specific brand (11.3%). The reasons of Spanish consumers for choosing a brand are mainly the quality-price ratio (70.3%) and because they like it or are satisfied (62.1%).

Change brands

The reasons why they for commonly used products is because they find attractive offers at the point of sale (58.6%), to have a better price (56.4%) or to try new Netherlands Email List things (54. %). brand-loyalty Taking this data into account, Mediapost’s commercial and business development manager. Juan Castañón, considers “it is essential that brands establish medium. Long-term relationship marketing strategies that help not only attract customers before or at the moment. of the purchase but, above all, to retain them after it. Which is when communication and interaction with them is lost the most. However, it does not seem that brands are taking this subsequent relationship with the customer into account: 41.8% of those interviewed claim that.

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Promotion or communication

After coming into contact with a brand through some at a point of sale, physically. He never hears anything more about her . Furthermore, only 1 in 3 respondents say UK Phone Number List they regularly receive information about launches, giveaways or invitations to events from a brand with which they had already started a relationship. This means that, in 70% of cases. Firms do not interact regularly with their clients and lose the opportunity to retain them . Email is the preferred channel for Spaniards Regarding the preferences of consumers in Spain when it comes to receiving information from brands. Email has gained positions to become the favorite channel to find out about news or promotions in 64.3% of cases.

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